Nimbus Bow

Been playing this game on and off for a very long time and can’t find this answer anywhere. How do I get the Nimbus Bow??

It’s an old event weapon. Should be available to craft in the Soulforge on Suncrest week, though not sure when the next one of those will be.


According to Taran’s, I don’t think there is a likelihood of it coming up until at the very least early November or after since the troop releases go through then. When the next update comes through we’ll probably get a further view into the future on the scheduling.

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My recall is that the last Suncrest week happened during the Yellow Tower of Doom event, between the Hellcrag campaign and the one prior to that. About 15 weeks, give or take. (I don’t feel like doing the exact math when a “ballpark” will suffice.)

Given how we now have 36 kingdoms, the “average” amount of time between a kingdom’s weeks should be roughly the same number. Maybe a little more for the older kingdoms, because the developers may choose to focus on the newest kingdoms as to help them “catch up” a little bit in terms of troop count. But even if that wasn’t the case, three campaigns plus their intermediary Towers of Doom is only 33 weeks.

tl;dr? We may not see Suncrest for a while. Maybe not even next campaign.


Good memory! :slight_smile:
Taran’s also has a history of events: GoW Weekly Events

Quite a few Suncrest weeks actually, if we compare to some other kingdoms, like Pridelands and Stormheim that didn’t get a week in all of 2020.