Nights of Damnation. New Guild All active Players

Hello All,

I have personally been in a top 20 guild and it was more stressful than fun. It was all about getting trophies and hitting minimum donation caps or you would get kicked. I decided to create a guild and make it fun and but still productive.

Nights of Damnation is looking for active players that can at least cap their seals each week and participate in Guild Wars. We currently are in the building stage of the guild and people who join earlier will have more opportunity for rank and say on how the guild operates.

We are currently offering the Guild Hero bonus to members each week. Once we hit 10 active players we will do Guild Champion. Once we have 20 active members we will do a Guild Elite and still offer other incentives to members.

You can message me on the Psn : cometdragon

Thank you for your time!

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Good luck, that sounds great.