Nicknames for Troops and Teams

I’d like to hear some of the nicknames you have for troops or teams that you see all over the place. I’ll start with some of the one that I use fairly regularly.

Emperor Khorvash/Manticore teams: “Manti/Khor”

Khorvash, himself: “Khorvy”. One of my friends just about died of laughter when I told her that “Khorvy-chan is being a b*tch” and pouted because twenty true damage to two troops HURTS

I find myself comparing Mab to vocalist Tarja Turunen rather frequently.

In the same vein as Khorvash, I end up calling Sheggra “Sheggy” and Gorgotha “Gorggy”

Not so much a nickname, but overdramatically pronouncing “BOOHNEE-NAAHG” is amusing. Even though nobody ever uses it.

Celestasia, after a string of fairly bad casts, resulting in giving the enemy team no less than five extra turns in one cast, she has been nicknamed “Moon-Moon the Mana Dragon”. She just can’t line up an extra turn for anyone but the enemy, and it’s sad.

Crimson Bat has been referred to ad “Bats”, “Batsy”, and other Joker-inspired nicknames for a very long time now

Dust Devil gets called Optimus, and there’s a fun story behind this. The vacuum cleaner at my apartment is awesome and transforms into like five different modes in the coolest ways possible, and the first time I saw my roommate use it, I couldn’t help but cry out “OPTIMUS! Is that you!?” Laughter ensued. And Dust Devil is a brand of vacuum cleaner. Or at least was. So therefore, Dust Devil -> Vacuum Cleaner -> Optimus

Gloom Leaf is Emo-Tree. Just read his description. He is not amused.

Hellcat gets called “KITTY~!” on a regular basis, in the same tone Boo used in Monsters Inc.

Jarl Firemantle goes by many names. I often get confused, because I want to say the Jarl lives in Whiteru- er, Whitehelm. But no, the Jarl lives up north, where he should.

Kerberos is Hellpuppy. Hellhound isn’t Hellpuppy. Kerberos is.

I always apologize to Sirrian, in my head, when I have to kill a Luther. Luther is Sirrian. Sirrian is Luther. There is no seperating the two in my head. Sirrian also looks exactly like Luther in my head. Nobody can tell me otherwise. No, not even you, Sirrian.


Moloch occasionally gets called Stan. Because, well, he’s not strong enough to be Satan.

Psion doesn’t really have a nickname, but it reminds me of a player from an MMO that I used to frequent named Mentallista. Not a coincidence that this person mained Psychics.

Anubite/Settite warriors get called Nasus (Or Susan) and Renekton, respectively. If you’re a LoL player, you know why.

“TYRI NO DON’T” might as well be an alternate name for her at this point

Venoxia is still Ol’ Swamp-ass

Webspinner is the cutest little buggy ever and if you don’t agree, I wish to watch as she eats you whole.

Do you guys have any fun ones?


For me, lining up Sheggra’s move causes me to mentally tell my opponent that “they gone get shegg’d”. Play on words for the English slang ‘shag’ (verb. to have sex with)


I resent that remark. :smiling_imp:

Also, I refer to Jarl Firemantle as Karl Jarlsberg. Why? I don’t know. People say Canadians like cheese. I’ve got a couple others, but I don’t think they’d be funny to anyone outside my living room.

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Well then, just invite us into your living room, so we could all laugh together.


You cant hint at them and then keep them to yourself!


All right, but I seriously doubt you’ll find them funny:

My wife has nicknamed the Hobgoblin “Holly”, short for “Holly Hobgoblin”. And yes, we think she’s a girl. And she has some of the best sound effects in the game.

Lady Saphira is “Worms in the garden” due to mis-hearing her catchphrase once and it becoming a running joke.

Kerberos is “Care Bears” due to a dispute in how to pronounce it, which was subsequently reinforced when @Tacet pronounced it about 5 different ways within 10 seconds of one of his videos.

Emperina is “Baked Beans”, since that’s what she says as far as I can tell.


Great stuff. Good to see you two having fun with it!

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Well, what’s the point in playing if we’re not going to have any fun? Sometimes it seems like we’re talking in a code that no one else in the world would understand…


We’ve mentioned it a few times but we sometime refer to Cthyryzyx as Cathy.


Not terribly original, but I like to refer Queen Mab as Elsa. (Because she won’t let the turn go!)

I find Drag-Chomper to be a good alternative name for Dragon Cruncher.

Finally, do be sure to refer to Manticore as “The All-in-One”.
“For the low, low cost of only 9 mana, you too can wipe clean the enemy team!”


Elf-Eater, Gob-Chomper and Dragon Cruncher we nickname the Eater Family.


@Nimhain Any more internal nicknames?

+1 on Sheggra = Sheggy and Luther = Sirrian.

I also call Gar’Nok as Garbage’Nok.
And then there’s Trent the Treant (I think I have @Tacet videos to thank for that one).


I still have redirect to Cthy…whatever’s page in your honor. :wink:


My boyfriend and I have been joking about it for a while but I think Spider Swarm just earned the name “No-Chill the Spider”.

After a bit of bad luck, I had my Bat die in the first two turns of the game, and Giant Spider summoned a little Spider Swarm, which proceeded to oneshot several troops through the usage of skulls, thanks to Keeper of Souls.

Sure, this is a KoS thing, but this tiny little spider does WORK. Like fourty damage in one hit to a Mab? Hell yeah. My little but No-Chill is like the second most awesome spider in existence now! The little Spider that could!

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No Flips, Just Fists

Perfect name for the OP team on Console

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And what is the OP team on console right now?

The Great Maw
Infernal King
Jarl Firemantle (everyone uses Sheggra for speed, Jarl is more reliable IMHO)

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Oh you’re in THAT phase of the meta.

For the love of Gard, please tell me that Console got the nerf to Maw’s third trait. Please tell me it isn’t still 15% chance to devour on hit

It is, we are getting patched soon though