News Tab in Events Menu

@Saltypatra @Ozball

Considering console (and PC/Mobile even if still unconfirmed) will be getting the next update by the end of the month, which will include dynamic data downloading. I would really like to see a new tab in the EVENTS section a “News” or “Changes/Updates”. This tab can be used to notify players of ANY changes (including ninja ones) listed as abbreviated patch notes, with a more info at note at the bottom.

I just noticed another new thread asking if changes were made on mobile platform last night. Once this update hits these questions will become more frequent and varied. In addition, not knowing sometimes invites more questions. Finally, the vast majority of players are not on this forum and should have to do research to find out what’s changed from yesterday.


Spot on post my dude. Ditto on all the above.


Bump for attention.

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