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Newish player looking for pvp team setups

Currently I am using:

Hero (Dragon Oak)
King Silenus
Lady Ironbeard

So what are some of the top tier pvp teams?

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Have you seen this thread? A lot of good beginner and mid level builds in here.


I heard Psion is really good in pvp and I have him, so I am specifically looking for a team comp with him.
Couldn’t find that anywhere in that compendium.

Your most popular Psion team builds include the followng:

Run with a +2 red or brown banner so Rag fills quickly, single mana surge. He casts, ideally filling Psion and himself again. Allowing for you to immediately begin controlling the opponent with Drain from Psion, and getting Famine set pretty quick for ultimate control and one-shot potential. The 4th slot is reserved for a troop of choice, I have seen another exploder like Infernus, or Spirit Fox is a highly annoying, I mean useful, troop for that final spot especially on yellow GW days if you use this as your defense team.

Hope that helps!

Be really careful going for a “really good” PvP team fast.

PvP matchups are determined partially by your level, partially by your team’s power level, and (seemingly) partially by how much you are winning. Endgame PvP teams represent a variety of strategies many people call “griefing”: they are designed to loop several turns, steal all of your mana, and one-shot your troops. They have counters, but you need to have several teams to not get pummeled.

So it seems a little smarter to stick to more modest teams early on while you build up your bling. The “strong” teams can be used to zip through Explore events, or you can pull them out from time to time to see how they play in PvP. But the more you use more powerful teams, the more likely you’ll get “stuck” in a spot facing a grief team you aren’t prepared for. (It seems like a lot of people hit this around level 400.)

Here’s some of the teams I really liked early on, they use relatively cheap troops and only a modest amount of investment to trait:

  • Knight Coronet, Naga Queen, Valkyrie, Knight Coronet

KC is a powerful troop, particularly in the lead slot. It gets a skill boost for that, and if you trait it to have Stoneskin it can take a beating. The ability can hit hard, and the Naga Queen/Valkyrie combo is there to fill it up fast.

  • Ranger, Alchemist, Ranger, Ranger

Ranger is a very good early troop because it’s cheap and does AoE damage. Alchemist is there to fill up your Rangers. This is a stupid good early Explore team and does well in PvP if you haven’t ranked up too far.

If you have/get The Dragon Soul, you should start building a team around it. “Any other 3 dragons” works well with TDS. I find the Dragotaur troop is pretty good, even on teams that aren’t dragon-focused. Buffing your attack can be a big deal, and troops that summon on death give you nice meat shields. I also got a lot of mileage out of Dragonian Monk early, most lower-level teams don’t have AoE damage so barrier can be overwhelming.

If you get Emperor Khorvash, he’s another amazing troop to have up-front and slots into just about any team for a relatively cheap cost. Rowanne is also huge burst-damage. There’s lots of little superstars like that. Early game teams are about having one “secret weapon” and trying to maximize it.


An inexpensive team I found useful early on:

(Lion or Dragon Banner)

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A worthwhile mention is that with troops such as Psion, Mercy, and Gorgotha, their effectiveness is greatly diminished by not having their 3rd trait. If 16 of the proper arcanes is out of your reach, consider troops of Blue or lower rarity and use legendaries and epics that aren’t as reliant on their traits, such as Valk and Rowanne.


Some good comments above.

Another suggestion is to try building a team around a gem converter (Alchemist, Valkyrie, Apothecary, Hellcat, Green Seer or Giant Spider) with 3 troops that can benefit from the mana that the converter creates.

For example, Valkyrie uses red and yellow mana and can turn any color of gems into blue (Valkyrie is also a good choice because she can generate some additional souls that you can use to level your other troops). So if you added a blue/green, blue/brown and blue/purple troop with her, you’d cover all 6 colors and be able to generate a lot of mana and control the board. For example, you could use Lady Ironbeard, Druid, Valkyrie, Poison Master (but there are hundreds of possible lineups). Power up Valkyrie and then wait until you can convert a color into blue in such a way that you will generate one or more 5-matches to fill multiple troops and give yourself an extra turn.

The same approach works with any of the other gem converters that I mentioned.


Thank you everyone for your input, I am gonna try these setups. I have to do some major farming though to upgrade Psion and Famine :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ha! That will remain a true statement for a long time playing Gems. :grin:


I’d suggest getting yourself a loop team set up and practising board control.

Alchemist Hellcat GobRocket GobRocket can beat almost anything once it gets going. Doesn’t matter how strong the enemy is if they never get a turn.


Early on I used Great Maw a lot to be able to beat levels 2-3 times my own. There are 3 legendary cards in this line up so it’ll require a lot of farming. But this team is still viable in PvP from level 100-1000. And I believe Infernal Kings TS are in the glory shop this week.



Not actually true (Purple/Brown stones come with Florian this week).

However, still a good suggestion and the combination of infernal king, mercy and sheggra works amazingly well with all kinds of things up front. I particularly like to put a hard-counter troop up-front to combat certain line-ups, like Dragon Cruncher against dragon teams, Bunni-Nog against Knights, etc.

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Lol… Well what “I believed” was true. I was mistaken. Still getting used to Brown=Orange thing. Thought it was Plainstones.

How post-modern of you. No worries though - like I said, still a good team suggestion, even if you have to wait for the stones. Mercy is the only one you really need traited on that team anyway.

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