Newish extremely active UK player LF active guild

Hello, my name is Masahiko. I’ve had this game for a while and had just been collecting troops and traiting them for about a year but now I’m extremely active and playing the game. I have decent solid self looping teams. The pictures I post show the currently guild I joined only yesterday, showing me hitting max seals the same day I joined. I believe in a week I can easily hit 400+ trophies whilst having my 9-5 summer job. I’d like to join a guild better than the current one I’m in purely because there is about only 5/25 active in the guild.

When it comes to donating gold I might not be able to for a long while because I’d like to level kingdoms as you can see in the picture. Other than that I’m easily someone who would hit max seals and 200 trophies in a day. (P.S - forgot to rotate picture, if you want the rest message me or something if you’re on discord or whatever so I can show proof of my kingdoms, troops, seals and all that stuff but would like the guild that chooses me to be at least better and active than this one…so laxy xD)

OOOOO key thing I’m looking for, guild to be better obviously and more active but very relaxed and chilled out, fun kinda guild who can give advice too because I’m technically a new player even with the collection and stuff I have. Look forward to hearing from you all ^^!(/uploads/gemsofwar/original/3X/7/d/7d57b317c87e846343d58a66b8362dd9f468784e.jpg)Snapchat-1671600931

Trophies on the same day (yesterday, that I joined the guild) (My PSN is Sway_Kid7)


TAG the adult Gamer is looking for one highly active player I’ll send you a message on PSN


NVM i tried to send you a message but your settings do not allow messages I guess. Let me know if you want more details or are interested in joining I’d like to get you in before the reset tonight so you can get all the rewards for next week we usually do a lot of donations within the first few hours after the weekly reset.