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Newbie with good questions

Ah, that may have been mentioned but I missed it. Good to know, thankyou. Think I am at about 180 wins in Warlord.

Thanks for this thread - been a big help :slight_smile:

I have a couple of questions to toss in - what are the maximum class levels (as in Warlord, Archer, etc.)? And is there anything special gained from maxing them out, or just the stat bonuses?


Just stat bonuses, and everyone class max level is 20.

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Sweet - just what I was looking for :slight_smile:

Back :slight_smile:

Ok, hit level 50 over the weekend. I am pretty much using the same team (hero, ranger, Tyfil and one other) that has got me through pretty much everything. I don’t have multiple cards of any of them though, so can’t level the much more and the difficulty is slowly starting to catch up.

Thanks to my guild being great, I get lots of seals, therefore lots of keys and chests. Through this I do have multiples of what seems to me to be poor-ish troops, like loyalty, courage etc. Is it worth levelling them up etc? I am not sure about the later game stuff, where some games you can use toons you no longer use to level up other ones etc? Or would I just be wasting time and resources ans they serve no purpose if they won’t physically be in any of my teams?

Also, when I play PVP I basically never come across teams that use a hero, or any of the purple troops that you get when completely a kingdom. Like even the early pvp enemies I face. Why do people drop them so early, or am I missing something? I am finding them pretty useful currently, and I was guessing later on I will drop them but it seems no-one is using them at all?


Lots of questions troop rewards are great. I use rowanne from time to time still.
Courage, loyalty and humility are used in more then 30% late game invade and defense teams. Once traited they are real beasts.
Here you can check a video of how good are guardians even without traits and levels :slight_smile:
Guild Guardian lvl 1 with 300+ attack!

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Wow, Ok I have clearly underestimated them! Will go back and rethink.

Keep in mind that how useful a troop is can drasticly change if troops has their trait or not. There are some troops that are great without traits, but the best troops come from their combination of traits and spell.

make sure to open guild chests only after your guild developed higher tier guild chest
(the tier resets weekly, you can see what quality cards can it drop currently in the guild Seals tab)
guild chest tier depends how many seals guild accumulated so far in the current week, best tier requires 40k seals,
20k is still decent

also have in mind that guild chest has 50% chance to drop a guild guardian card (humility, justice, etc) and 50% chance to drop all the rest of possible stuff instead

Thankyou both. I had picked up on the guild seals thing. We got to the 5k seal level last week but think it will be 10k this week. I need to look into the troops I have in more depth to find out which ones work better after traits. Think i have about 130 different troops right now! Still no Valkyrie as yet though.

As to uses for troops that won’t go into your teams:

Troops that you own count towards kingdom power level in three ways: Having them, their level and how many traits they have unlocked. As ascension unlocks higher maxlevels, investing in ascension is worth it. Kingdom power levels both help your income (tribute chance and payout) as well as your combat (at five gold stars the kingdom stat bonus doubles) and are worth building up slowly.

Another option is to disenchant those troops you won’t use into extra souls. I would discourage doing this, unless said troop is already ascended to mythic and you have more than four copies (max slots in a team). This can also be done easier by using the mass disenchant button, but you probably won’t reach that point for a while yet.

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Managed to get hold of the Dragon Armour so have seen a big increase in gold. Will use that to level my kingdoms and continue my quest for a Valkyrie. Been trying the Goblin Shaman as a 4th troop bu think I need to level him as he has been one-shotted each round!

Should I just be throwing all my gold at unlocking/upgrading my kingdoms? I have my main one at 10, and the others at 3 (got about 8 unlocked). I assume it is better to just spend what i have asap rather than hoarding?

You are correct.

No point hoarding gold. Meet the requirements of you guild first then focus on your kingdoms.

Great, thanks guys. Kinda used to keeping something in reserve, for some reason, but will go ahead and spend everything I have!

Will then try to figure out which troops to improve.

You won’t need to hoard gold at any point of the game. First use it for your kingdoms, then after tour complete guild tasks.

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Only thing I can think of is to keep a thousand gold in reserve so you can restart arena but that’s only worthwhile if you plan to play Arena.

Also, prio #1 is to unlock all kingdoms, only then is it important to level those kingdoms.


Hah, that was my next question, open more or level existing, thankyou. I played Arena once but I only really have time for Quests and PVP really. I am not a fast player.

About whether to level each kingdom to 10 first or keep them all on roughly the same level… Definitely to about level 4 or 5 it’s more worthwhile to keep them roughly equal. After, the decision depends on what you value more:

  • Stat bonus that helps you fight
  • Income (from tributes), more specifically the gold key & gem income you get from getting multiple kingdom tributes.

General consensus here on the forums is that the first is more important (especially on the four magic kingdoms, Darkstone, Karakoth, Burning Lands & Zhul’Kari), because the chance for multi-kingdom tributes isn’t enough without three gold-star bonus on kingdoms to be worthwhile, and before you hit that point you will easily have had enough gold to get everything to 10 anyhow.

There are a few players that keep all kingdoms at level 9 to intentionally keep their teamscore low and thus the difficulty of their opposition in PvP, but I think you lose more than you gain that way.

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