Newbie looking for good guild [PS4]

Hi guys.

I am an active newbie player, with an hourly income rate of 213. One kingdom at 4 stars, some at 3, most at the 1-2 mark. I am active and play everyday. Looking for a guild that can help boost my farming, for souls and diamonds with only 250 diamonds, long way away from Pharos-Ra.I am level 175, weekly income is 35,784 gold. Will contribute to guild however I can. Happy to grind max number of guild seals for the guild. Have discord and a headset.

How much gold can you donate a week to the guild?

My weekly income is 35,784 fom my kingdoms.

So that’s all you will donate? Do you know that you earn gold by doing battles as well?

Yes, I am aware of that.

Bit of friendly advice - find a guild that doesn’t require you to donate much (or preferably none at all) gold until your kingdoms are all at level 10. Once you hit level 10 on all kingdoms your gold can pretty much all go to the guild, so finding one that will help you in return for a loyal player a month or two down the line is better than throwing what you can at tasks & taking 6-8 months to complete your kingdoms :+1:t2:

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