Newbie looking for active guild

Hi! :slight_smile: I played Puzzle Quest 1 and 2 as well as Galaxy Quest, but only started with Gems of War 8 days ago. I joined the first guild I found, but wonder if it’s a good match for my current activity level, hence I’m looking for alternatives. Here’s some info about me:

  • usually plays one game very intensively (currently that’s GoW) and therefore progresses fairly quickly
  • has a fairly relaxed approach to games, prefers having fun over being “the best”
  • likes to help others and support a guild
  • will, at some point, switch over to other games and may stop playing GoW completely for a while (is absolutely fine with getting kicked when that happens, will probably want to rejoin in their next “intense activity” phase).

Some of my current GoW stats:

  • level 83 (probably outdated by the time you read this, but regardless - I still have eggshell on my feathers :wink: )
  • 21/34 kingdoms unlocked (11 of those upgraded to level 5)
  • guild contributions so far this week: 0 gold, 2000 seals, 342 trophies, 160 event points (Topaz Light)
  • interested in playing all game modes (though I haven’t done much PvP yet and didn’t have an opportunity to participate in a guild war so far)
  • not active on discord (EDIT: I have it installed, would use it as text chat if required, but wouldn’t have it running all the time and currently don’t have a working microphone)

My current guild seems to be carried by 2 people, and I’m a bit concerned that it took me only 4 days to become #10 of in terms of total seal contribution. That said, I do get bonuses, which I am thankful for:

  • guardians lvl 60-84
  • regular tasks almost all at 3/12 (gems at 9/12, souls at 4/12)
  • epic tasks all at 0/12
  • guild chest at level 3 (5000 seals), might go to 10,000 by the end of the week, but not higher)

I am looking for a guild with more active players, so that we can reach the highest chest level (40,000 seals) reliably, while not losing out on the guardian and task bonuses.

If you are recruiting for an active guild that welcomes players like me, please reply with some info about your guild - many thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

If you don’t mind using Discord (text only), The Golden Keep is a family of 8 guilds for players at just about any progress stage within the game. Active players only, rewards should be quite a bit better than you are receiving now.

You can find The Golden Keep Discord here:

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I would have most likely joined a guild family, if given the choice. So if you are interested in moving up in ranking systems inside a guild system, that is totally your thing! :slightly_smiling_face: But if you are looking for something else I can tell you about a guild named Pilipali. It’s an easy going guild ranked somewhere around 800-900 at the moment and steadily moving up. We have players from all ranks, some play more, some less and we do some cleaning weekly if necessary. Minimum requirements are 100k gold (not for beginners as they usually make it up with trophies) and 100 trophies. The guild appreciates GW participation, but won’t force anyone to it. We also usually get the 40000 seals every week, do all basic and some of the epic tasks. Discord is totally optional, it’s not like we are blabbering there all day long :joy: I work as a Janitor there. If you are looking for a guild a bit higher in the ranks, but with fair requirements and good knowledge of the game from the leadership, then I would say Prancypants is a good guild, just not sure if @Snooj has level requirements :thinking:

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Oh my goodness. :heart: We are ranked in the 400s but tbh, rank is useless in this game. It is just a comparative rank of the total trophies earned by that guild, vs every other guild. High ranks could mean a guild is super active, or its just old.

We dont require any gold, just 750 seals and 100 trophies but the event. Your rank in the guild is set by your event participation. Our lowest rank, Fresh Pair (get it? Harhar), only needs 371 points this week in the event.

We get 40k seals every week, usually by Tues or Wed. We finish all basic tasks. All guardian stats maxed (technically theres another bonus at level 10,000 so ignoring that…lol).

Discord is optional. To be honest, I started a guild because I disliked how it was used everywhere. So although we do have discord now it is very not required. Anything important will be said in game. Most of our banter is in game too.

Ultimately we are a laid back guild. There are no level requirements. If you later leave for another game but want to come back later, thats fine. Some of our members have done that.

Currently we are full but I typically have kicking sprees on Sundays and Mondays. :smiling_imp:

If you want to check out our discord feel free to GoW: Prancypants

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