Newbie Guild for Women

We are some refugees from Empires and Puzzles. Women Warriors is a fun casual guild with good women. Most of us have been together for over three years. If you are looking for a women only guild where we can all learn and grow together join us!


I might be. I am pretty new to the game and looking for a good guild to join. Can you tell me what your requirements are?

The requirements are to be female and willing to put some time in, grow and have fun. We want a low pressure guild, but everyone should make some weekly contributions. There are no level requirements. Pretty much all of us are very new to the game.

I have chatted with Sekhmet in global chat.
If there are any Women Warriors looking for a guild to join give them a try.
It almost makes me want to create an alt so I can join. Almost :slight_smile:

Thank you Mari! I would love to have you there in whatever form, alt or not.

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Let me first wish you the best of luck in your development of the guild. A all women Guild might be the right fit for my wife she sick to death of joining a guild and getting hit on by male guild members. She plays daily but not super competitive like myself but still a good player. What system is your guild on again good luck


Thank you Badger. Your wife would be more than welcome. We are all so new, having some experienced players would help us learn faster.

I play on an android device. Are you telling me that everyone in the guild must be on the same platform? I never heard of that before, though I am not a huge gamer. It’s fun to grow and enjoy the company of guildmates without much pressure.

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Oh too bad. I am not a newbie.

Pc/mobile can play together. Consoles are on separate servers and thus are their own thing.

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