Newb Troop line comments/suggestions

Sup Community. I have been playing GoW for some time now. (747 days in my guild) My troop line is:

1st slot: Abhorath (ascended to Mythic; 2/3 traits unlocked)
2nd slot: Emperor Liang (ascended to Mythic; 1/3 traits unlocked)
3rd slot: Tezca (base rarity epic 1/3 traits unlocked)
Sometimes swapped out with Arachnaean Weaver (1/3 traits unlocked unlocked)
4th slot: Hero weapon +6 prismatic orb
all troops are max level, I am using Sorcerer (2/3 traits, 45 talent trees) and Old God’s Banner

this line up has been serving me fine, until recently. I focus Abhorath spell to increase abhorath’s attack stat and Liang’s spell to heal my whole party, since they all share the purple color (mainly, I’ve learned that the Magic skill point increase my troops enjoy from Liang is tremendous as well). Tezca supports Abhorath with more added life gain, attack and her cleanse capability and my hero supports Abhorath with armor and constantly filling Abhorath’s mana. it’s fairly common for my whole party to have 500+ life and Abhorath 150+ attack before I’ve even killed half the other team.

As I’ve completed all the kingdom quests and have taken to doing more PvP, Kingdom challenges and Explore Battles, My Abhorath is living to see the end of the battles less and less (often killed after 3 or 4 turns)and more often than not once abhorath dies, it’s a LONG and grueling battle to win, if I even win at all. I’ve played around with substituting Tezca with Weaver for the extra damage his spell does to the last 2 troops of the other team but I’m still having problems advancing my team on the PvP ladder (which is what mode I have been playing the most lately)

Any suggestions or comments on improvements, preferably without changing my whole lineup. I am very lacking on mythic troops