New Youtube Channel-Javier RIcardo

Hey everyone!!! My name is Xavier and I am starting up a new Youtube channel called Javier Ricardo:

Feel free to check it out, just copy and paste the URL into your search bar and it will pull it up. I currently only have 1 video up due to my computer being fixed and some other things are not ready. I will be making videos regularly starting in about 1 week. These videos will contain me just playing as well as answering your questions and some tips for all of you. My current account is only level 56 because I just started it in January of 2017 but I feel that people are looking for help when they are at these low levels. I will possibly be starting up a second account (if requested) to play with the lower leveled new players. Thanks for reading this and I hope you enjoy my content!!!


Best of luck with the new channel!

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Thanks man!!

Nice! Will definitely make sure to watch. :smiley:

I’ll be keeping an eye on your channel. I’m excited to see what you make!

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Thanks Salty!

Thanks Tacet, every view counts!

Does anyone have any feedback or tips for me? Thanks for anyone who has watched my videos.

Best of luck on the channel! Lots of YouTubers have a quick unique Intro greeting (and sometimes closing) for all their videos.

Tacit: Hellooooooo Everyone.
Mr. Freeze2244 (Hitman) What’s up Freeze army.
Zero Punctuation cartoon intro graphic and riff
PlanetDestiny Graphic and drums

I don’t have any suggestions just make it unique, short, and “catchy”.

Hello Javier, I love that you’re creating content for lower level players.

One thing I’d recommend doing which isn’t related to youtube is getting on Twitter and Facebook. Using these platforms can help you build a following.

Can’t wait to see what you make next!

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