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New weekly event

does the new weekly event which mentions the town of Khetar, have any significance,
i mean do you get better rewards for fighting in the khetar town???/

I’d like to know that too, the reference in the News to rewards from Khetar.

The actual Khetar quest line does talk about gathering souls though…

The kingdom itself plays no purpose in the event. It’s more like origin spicing for the creature of the week.

In the upcoming update though, troops from that given kingdom will appear in a specialty chest called the Event Chest. This chest is great for targeting particular Ultra Rares, Epics, and Legendaries from that kingdom, but it does cost a bit more than Magic/Gem chests, so I wouldn’t recommend it without having at least 95% of all troops.

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All weekly events have a “home” kingdom. The items for sale that week (bundles, new creature, etc.) are all associated with that kingdom.

In addition, the contents of the bundles are “flavored” to the kingdoms. So Khetar, being the home of the undead, has more souls in its bundle than other kingdom bundles.