New Update not yet available to most


guys the updat is only available in Australia and New Zealand at the moment and only for iOS… For android and the rest of the world… We have to wait… And they will not give an exact date.


Android in NZ here. Got mine updated to 1.0.706. Not sure if that is the latest though.


Hi ShibFate,

Not sure where you’re getting that information from.

Our publisher released the versions for download on iOS & Android in all territories about 3 hours ago.
Android seems to be out, but iOS takes a little longer to appear (it’s taking a LONG time today though, sorry, we’re at Apple’s mercy with that one!)
Steam should be available everywhere though.


Sorry must have read the post about the release in Australia and New Zelalnad wrong… But we here in China and also people posting in the update post part 2 are not able to update


We still have no available update in China… And I see others posting the same in your official news. And the words I posted are from official news… But maybe I’ve made a mistake somehow? We cannot update


@ShibFate, shouldn’t be too long now, we’re beginning to start seeing it appear in the browser version of the Australian & US app stores


The update is now available for IOS in Canada!


Awesome… Can’t wait!


Update now available in China!!!


Available in the Dutch IOS store as well