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New upcoming patch

I took a look at the couple videos available for the upcoming 2.1 guild patch for GoW.,

I am intrigued by this… but also concerned that this will simply bring out all the bots that some of the guilds are known to use.

I would bet $50 that within one week that there will be quite a few offenders that gain 200 levels where anyone that plays a reasonable amount of time could NEVER accomplish. I hope the Dev’s keep an eye on this.

Also this is going to bring out the wallet warriors in force and make it so higher level and botting guilds will be miles ahead very quickly… making a casual player obsolete. Again I hope the Dev’s keep an eye on this and limit the volume of stuff this guys will buy since that is the only way some can play

That’s pretty dumb, because the bot would be discovered very easily.

You say that as if every top guild only got there because of bots. That’s definitely not the case. But as a casual player I can tell you: Why bother with the works of the top ones? Focus on yourself and don’t pay attention to them. It’s funner that way :slight_smile:

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