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New Trophy Record

Merxican was a monster this week . Setting a new GOW record :heart_eyes:




Congrats on your achievement, MerXian!

Congrats!! But not sure it’s a GOW record tough :slight_smile:

Probably a PC mobile record. Xbox still higher would be my guess

Whats the record on Xbox?

Im not sure how many trophy she did but she finished with 210k points

Edit: my apologies yes i think 15k is a record

Lets say she did 50 points per battle

210 000/50= 4200 x 3tr= 12 600tr

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Congratulations on the outstanding week @Merxian. :slight_smile:

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still 12,600 on xbox is awesome. i tried xbox n ps4 slow going with a controller

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Wow that is crazy. Did they do all or most of those in Arena and how many hours did that take?!


This is beyond insanity!!!

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Arena is much much faster for trophies.

Edit : its now 16k just before reset :innocent:


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What are you his cheerleader? The guy can’t post about his own accomplishments?


Or maybe that would show excessive hubris…oh wait nevermind it is Intrim


yes i am his cheerleader… dont you wish you were good enough to have one :smiling_imp:

but one day you can if you try real hard :innocent:

until then i guess you will just have to settle for participation trophies lol

ps we have a spot for you :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::yum:


I’ve never been more happy that I joined AWR until reading this thread.



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I played this game once, and it had a glitch, and then there was this main boss, his name was Intim, and he abused the glitch, and on the game over screen… well, he said “my minion killed you and set a record for how fast your demise came”…

Congratulations @Merxian ! Wow! :open_mouth:

Can we also please keep this thread on-topic and celebrate each others achievements rather than derailing the topic with negativity. Penglong would be displeased.