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New Troop Suggestion - Kregg the Abductor

What I’ve found common in troops with Devour effect is that many of them are just “I EET U”. I mean, that’s what the Devour usually means… But then there’s Dark Manacles weapon. Which is more like you kidnap an enemy and force them to fight at your side. So I’ve came up with an idea of this troop.

Kregg the Abductor
Legendary Brown/Red Darkstone Assassin Human/Rogue

Flavour Text: Takes the term “Human Resources” literally
Kidnapped! - 22 Mana
Devour the weakest enemy. Remove all Brown and Red gems.
Greedy - Gain 2 bonus Gold on 4 or 5 gem matches.
Agile - 20% chance to dodge Skull damage.
Sinister Ally - 50% chance to summon a Sister of Shadows on death.

Since it’s Devour that’s primary effect of the spell, I took the imperative of making mana cost very high, and on top of that, remove all gems that power the spell, so you can’t just recast it after a few turns. As for a legendary trait… Well, he’s a rogue, and he steals people for the slave market, so summoning a Sister of Shadows for a backup is fitting.

His Select and Spellcast sounds should be the same as Wild Knight’s, it will be fitting for a sinister manthief that works for Darkstone, and just for a Darkstone troop in general.

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