New troop suggestion: Hero Killer (name still needs work)

Inspired by what I wrote in a different thread, I’d like to flesh out this idea about a mythic or soulforge boss monster:

  • zero attack, magic and armour
  • 15-20 life
  • not sure yet, if it should cover all mana colours, or none at all; if it has a spell, it should be 1 damage plus boost effect x100 per devoured troop
  • if it’s not boss type, the class should be one of the lesser used. Knight, Raksha, Urska or so.
  • second trait something with stun immunity
  • third trait: curse, stun and devour all hero troops on both sides of the field at the start of the fight

If the troop is included, I guess it would be helpful to remove the preview feature from PvP fights, so its usage does not become too aimed and defenses aren’t left without a chance.

Might be able to cause a bit of a shakeup in troop selections and could push the hero from their absolute must-have spot, that they took four years ago in the 3,5-update, and further into a risk/reward contemplation.

It seems op so, everyone would use it. We’d get tired of seeing it in pvp becase we would use just in case someone decides to use hero and nobody would use hero in pvp anymore. When training classes for power levels we would compare them to mythics we got for power levels that we rarely use.

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Considering how prominent the hero is featured within the game (weapons, classes, talent trees, …) I’d be very surprised if there are any intentions at all to push the hero to an absolute must-not-have spot.

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This feels like it would be too game-breaking; as Roots said, why would anyone not use this in PvP? And we do already have a no-hero/no-class game mode: Arena.

Maybe draining all magic + attack from the heroes would be more palatable?

This would neuter hero power while not entirely destroying class traits/talents/bonuses. Could be interesting as it would focus attention more towards weapons that have useful base spells/tempering effects rather than brute-force magic/attack boosts. And it leaves an opening for building teams that can recover from this by using troops that can give magic/attack back to the drained hero.

This would be akin to “devour an enemy troop at the start of battle,” which is already insanely OP and ignores the whole targeting of the hero aspect. There are plenty of teams that don’t use a hero that the attacker could use, so this is just a free devour of one of the opponent’s strongest troops due to class traits. Majorly overpowered.

There was a suggestion in the other related thread that perhaps Godslayer (anti-Boss) troops could also have their bonuses applied against Heroes. I believe that would be a potentially reasonable and measured counter and would also breathe some new life into those troops, the overwhelming majority of which don’t see much use outside of a Raidboss event.

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