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New troop? quatramanus

This troop looks like someone spit in his gravel ?? Does he suffer from depression? He is supposed to scare people off not make them feel bad ?? Is it just me or does anyone else feel depressed just looking at that Quatramanus troop

That picture was most likely taken at a bad moment, because it seems his just reaching for the toilet paper… Surely He is more convincing when on duty…:thinking:

Which “on duty”? :wink:

On a serious note, I like Quatramanus’s art!


My new team:

Anu’s Sceptre
Champion of Anu (aka Anu’s Champion)


Maybe constipation ??? That could be it then.

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After this conversation i’ll see Quatramanus in a whole new light… not sure it’s a good thing :laughing:

If it was me I would keep to the troops with the large breast and low cut top it always seemed to be the best choice. Nobody could complain about that.

It might get a little boring at some point having just boobs all around Krystara. We do need male characters too. Or were you thinking about Luther wearing a low cut top? Hmm, an interesting image… :grimacing:

I do like that native american looking one from the forest of thorns he could go around with no top at all it would be fine by me.

He is very strong with all his traits too it just his sad face that makes ya feel a bit down. Could it hurt to try a big smile on the guy.