New Traitstone Event!

Players, I’m sure, like the rest of us, would like to see more lucrative events and battles in Gems of War. I think all of us players would currently benefit the most from more consistent traitstone drops. Personally, I think its been long overdue that there be a Traitstone event. BUT as you know this a ‘free to play’ - “pay to win” puzzle game. I don’t have the money to progress in this game to gain all the traitstones necessary to reach the best rewards in hardly any event. Im a Level 650 and I have yet to find a Mythic troop. I think you devs should try a little harder reward us players that cant afford to pay your salary in exchange for in-game progress.

Sincerely, Seeqwill

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I’m curious as to what you think paying gets you. What do you consider ‘winning’?

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Obliged to elaborate. “Free to play” and “pay to win” are terms used to describe a generalized idea of video games that have micro transactions for progression amidst the game.

Pay to win actually means either that a certain portion of the game is locked behind paywal, or that paying members get overpowered advantages.

Neither of them is true for GoW. Everything ingame is avalaible for free as well (except Deathknight armor).
What overpowered advantages does paying offer? A couple of different key types every day, hardly gamebreaking. A random mythic in the 30 day packs, that can very well turn out to be something like Gargantaur.

Spending cash doesn’t even give you a guaranteed mythic outside those 2 packs with their random mythic. You can spend 500$ on vip keys and draw 500 legendaries and traitstones, or you can draw 1 mythic with a glory key from a random fight. Rng, not cash, dictates the outcome.

So nope, GoW is nowhere close to p2w.

With that said, more traitstones in current event rewards, or an increased drop rate-event for traitstones (maybe have that every sunday?) would indeed be helpful.

While I don’t think the game is P2W there’s no doubt that an early Deathknight Armor and at least one Legendary to build a team around helps progressing a lot at the very beginning. (That’s 100 bucks and that’s borderline OK for me to start with the game.)

And it’s oh so true that you reach a point in the game relatively early (playing it since Switch release - so “not that long”) where Traitstones are the one and only ressource that’s interesting.
For the importance Traitstones have, farming is way too inconsistent. It took me nearly a week for getting 7 Arcane Venom - and I was grinding hours and hours every day.

I don’t want to complain too much - but as an info for the Devs:
That’s so off-putting that - more then once - I was thinking of switching to another game. Thinking of what’s coming next (grinding another week for another Traitstone to unlock one more Trait?) really has nothing to do with fun, it’s work - basically.

So, yeah: Whatever a Traitstone Event is: We need them regularly!
Traitstone farming is no fun and - at the same time - one of the most important things to do in the game.

I would say this is more ‘pay to advance faster’ than ‘pay to win’. Like many players on this game, if you are willing to put the time in then you will reap the rewards. I’m now at 4,300 hours plus and level 1292, and have all but 3 troops in the game (Pet Gnome, Pharos Ra and Zuul). I attribute this to the time I have put in, and not whether I have spent money or not.

I actually see a lot of high level players who have paid to increase their XP gained very early on, but because they haven’t put the hours in they are still missing a lot of the mythics and other important troops.

I personally have never farmed for traitstones. Trust me, if you enjoy the game and are willing to put the time and commitment in, then your regards will coming fully in time, and eventually you will have so many spare traitstones that you can immediately upgrade every troop you ever get without even worrying about it. You can’t expect to reach the best rewards automatically in every event, play the game, enjoy, and the rest will come naturally!!!

As a level 650 you should not be focusing that hard on Traitstones. That is a really long term objective and you can not expect to have all the traitstones you need at your disposal quite yet.

It took me (100% free player, not a dime invested in the game) to around level 1250 to have excess of Traitstones and immediately upgrade a Troop the moment it is released.

Instead, I would suggest you to target only those Troops which will help you upgrade some important Kingdoms, or those go-to Troops you will be using daily.

One thing to note though, there is one of the weekly bonuses for using the troop featured in the packs purchasable with glory which gives double Traitstones for every battle you use that troop in your team, so you could adjust your fast explore team to add it and duplicate your earnings.

Also, you can take advantage of the monthly Gnome Events that last the whole weekend to target specific stones. While you farm for Vault Keys, you will have the opportunity to play hundreds if not thousands of battles in the Kingdom of your choosing

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You nail it. That’s what I meant with “it’s work”.

There was exactly one event like this since Switch launch. But, yeah: That really helped.

PC/mobile only I think? I’ve not seen such an event like this on Switch. Maybe I’ve overseen it - could be.

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