New trait request: Overrun

If a troop has the Overrun Trait, Any skull damage that is above and beyond a killing blow to the 1st troop will be applied to the next troop.

Some of these current troops like Mammoth and Rhynax or other big creatures could use this makeover.

Just putting it out there


I’m not sure, if that doesn’t create yet another template to beat lower level stuff in turn one. Sounds like something, that could instantkill up to… don’t know, explore 6?

Let’s tune it down a little. For each new troop, that is getting attacked, the remaining damage is reduced by 50%.

P.S.: I am just imagining a starry pet challenge or a delve faction, where the enemy has this trait. That won’t be pretty either.

Why not a new status negative effect similar to frozen.
“Exceed” or Exceeded
You able only to do 3 move, of mana color of the affected troop (or skull match if the first troop is affected), until you lose the turn.
The effect cant get off (purify and cleanse and bless can). You lose the status once you reached 0. Every turn goes -1

I can imagine them using this for a world quest or something. Low levels trying to complete quests while getting all 4 troops 1 shotted by overpowered enemies

This is the most important thing to consider. Sure, a trait like the one proposed here might be fun when it’s on your side, but what if it occurs on the enemy side?

Note that it’s theoretically possible to deal up to 15,000 damage from one Skull match. (e.g. 1000 Attack + 1.5x Berserk + 2x Hunter’s Mark + 5x Godslayer trait vs. any Boss troop)

Personally I think that in this context, any excess damage can only spill onto an adjacent slot (a la splash damage) and if that slot is empty then so be it.

Considering power creep, this could be really overpowered and only benefit end-gamers.
What could be a nice trade-off however, is to have a trait that applies light-splash damage with skulls, so the second troop gets a little damaged no matter what. That would ben nice for anyone.

I remember the early days doing “overrun” with Bone Dragon. Fun times.

To me, I consider it Trample, but Gems of War likely can’t use Trample as a terminology.

I think “Overrun” can work if done similarly to the Lord of Laughter. Very rarely used and something stunnable. I think they would have to program it in again since they took it out long ago (back when you could create 64 skulls and not consider it one five match of skulls).

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Overrun, Trample, Stampede could all be trait name possibilities.

A power limit of:

  1. only hitting the next troop or if the next slot is empty nothing happens.
  2. reducing the 2nd troop damage taken by a %.

However, if the 1st skull hit damage is calculated and the board cascades into a 2nd skull hit then a new damage counter will be applied as the trait triggers again to the new 1st troop as current game mechanics are already in place.

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No! We do not need even more powerful skull attacks, skull dmg is already overpowered.

What we need is an enraged like trait for spells!

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Faerie Fire?

Except that Enraged also ignores skull reduction/evasion traits…

More on topic, I’m reminded of a trait that was in the game Bravely Default called “Dispersion” (part of the Black Mage job) where any time the mage takes single-target damage, they would shed a fraction (15%) of incoming damage onto a different party member. E.g. with a full team of 4 members, the mage would take approximately half damage at the expense of splashing the rest onto the other 3 allies.

This sounds like Trample from magic the gathering.