New trait 'omen of stone' bug

the new card greed has a trait ‘omen of stone’ which can explode a brown gem at the start of battle. and as we all know ,board will jumble when no gem can matched .and all the start of battle can do a 3 gem match at least . but when omen of stone trigger, it may cause NO GEM CAN MATCHED board .Here is my screenshot:
(when the battle start, 1 brown gem exploded and i found that i can’t match.No hint too)
i wonder know if this is a bug . Fortunately I can use greed’s skill and atfer i use its skill (and this is the only thing i can do) ,the board jumble. what will happen if I don’t unlock 3rd trait of greed? I think it need to be fixed. Because it is very strange you cannot match any gems and have to use your skill.
Will this happen in other card?many other troops in new kingdom can explode a gem too. I think this case maybe happen while using other sin of maraj cards and hope you can notice this bug. Not every new card can start with full mana ,isn’t it? if it happen in next week guild war,it will be very unpleasant .
platform: PC


Hey there, thanks for your report.

Please let me know:

What gamemode did this happen in?
How often has it happened: Each time you have played with Greed, or only sometimes?
Did this only happen at the start, or later in the match too?
Did any Doomskulls fall onto the board after the Brown Gem exploded (i.e was the Brown mana at the top of the board)?
What Weapon did the Hero on the enemy team have, and do you remember their Hero class Talents?

Thank you for your attention! and sorry to reply your question late
Gamespeed: X4
Gamemode : PVP rank
How often: played with greed. only happen at the start.
Doomskull: no doomskull drop. only a brown gem exploded.
Enemy weapon: obviously enemy use divine protector. and i am sorry i can’t remember his class.but we can know from the screenshot that their hero class trait isn’t unlock ,so i guess their also dont have special talent.
This BUG is hard to happen so i have only one screenshot. But maybe i know how to fix it.
perhaps every start of battle and each time we use troop skill this game have a check to avoid unsolvable board (no gem can matched).but no check after this trait trigger. so when the brown gem explosion caused unsolvable board, this bug happen. i think add a check step after this map can fix this bug.
Of course this is just my guess.I hope this can help you fix this bug.

Thank you, the QA team has verified this and the game team will look into it