New to the game ps4

Hi everyone I’m new to the game can anyone give me some guidance on how to build it up so I can use the troops to cast spells etc because I’ve think I’ve run out on a few of them but I don’t know how to rebuild it. as I’ve said this is all new to me so please bear with me.

I’m having some trouble understanding the question. Fewer pronouns like “it” might help :wink:

IF you mean “How do I cast my cards’ spells?”, then here’s the answer: match gems of the colors corresponding to the card (displayed on the top-left; baby dragon is red, for instance). When you have gathered enough mana (you can make the total cost required be displayed in the options menu), you can cast your spell.

Hope that helps!

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Yes that does help a bit . Thank you. The cards dont have the green line on them. What does that mean.

Here is a useful guide for new players