New to the game need team help

I just started about a couple weeks ago. I can’t seem to find a good team that I can use. Does anyone have any suggestions on who to use and how to go about my game? Here is my collection. My Collection - Gems of War Database

Is it just me or didn’t you link your profile but the common page instead?

Hi, and welcome to the community :slight_smile: If you are looking to share your collection, you’ll need to use the Tools menu and click “Share My Collection.” Then you can copy and paste the resulting web link.

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I fixed the problem now. I didn’t know what to do…

You’ve gotta get a better collection, there’s not a lot there so far - it’ll happen, just have to play more. You’re already way ahead of where I was, at your level.

For now, maybe put Flame Troll and Ketras together? Luther is about the strongest troop you have as far as Epics are concerned, good that you’ve leveled him.

Ok if I use those two, what should my team look like then? It would be a great help!

Beserker is good in first spot IF you can trait him.
At your level, unlock the Bard class and use your Hero with this class and your best weapon.
Bard class add 1 to all stats for yellow troops which will help you a lot now IF you can trait this class.
This means all yellow troops gain +1 to attack, defense, health, and magic EACH turn.

A slow but effective team is:

Wall Of Bones (At least 2nd trait)
Pharaoh Hound
Prismatic Orb (Or any hero weapon until you get it)

Using Pridelands banner (double red)

It will be decent for getting souls too until you can build a true soul farming team.