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New Special Ability / Trait(s)

Hey there again, Warriors.

I wanted to add this post to quickly put out some ideas that popped into my head, that many of you have probably already thought of as well—so we’ll see.

I would like to see some different traits added for troops, but perhaps it could just be added as a special ability or attack feature instead of something that would need to be unlocked through traitstones.

Control Freak
This trait, or special ability, when active, allows a token to be placed on the board to allow the player to accrue multiple free turns in a row. This comes in handy when you’re awarded two free turns in one turn, but are only essentially allowed one free turn, no matter how many you get. This ability can only be summoned once per battle, and all extra turns must be used in the same possession once activated. Essentially, you will have to enable the ability in one turn, and then activate it in another. This would take two fills of the mana pool. This ability maxes out at 5 free turns.

Kaleidoscopic Vision
This ability, once activated, takes every gem on the board and changes them all to a random color. This is similar to when you run out of moves and the board re-shuffles. It is not, however, like jumble, since you will be getting a completely fresh board, minus the skulls out there.

Restricting Barrage
This ability, when activated, limits your opponent to only being able to make matches on either the top half, bottom half, left-hand side, or right hand side of the board for three consecutive turns.

Fickle Nature
This ability, upon activation, creates a random natural disaster that affects all troops (both you and the enemy) and their ability to bank mana depending on the disaster randomly chosen. This effect lasts for three turns per player. (Six turns in total.)

Green—Massive Deluge—reduces all matches of green mana to half their normal values.

Red—Lava Torrent—reduces all matches of red mana to half.

Blue—Tsunami—reduces all matches of blue to half.

Yellow—Solar Flare—reduces all yellow matches to half.

Brown—Landslide—reduces all brown matches to half.

Purple—Toxic Fallout—reduces all purple matches to half.

Bonus mana banking is negated.

In addition, all skulls are removed from play (no damage is inflicted during removal) and no skulls will drop during the disasters.

What do you think?