New Soulforge Weapon: Wand of Stars

Originally published at: New Soulforge Weapon: Wand of Stars – Gems of War

The Wand of Stars is now craftable from the Soulforge. It requires The Lovers Tarot card from the Vault (previously from the Nexus Kingdom Pass), as well as Celestial Traitstones and Souls to craft. Wand of Stars is a new permanent resident in the Soulforge.


that’s a really cool surprise! thanks

Love Tarot, 100k souls, 10 Celestials for anyone that can’t get on the game

Its a little strong. I love it. Its not a book so I don’t have to worry about facing it. Hurray


Sweet! Lovely art and looks like it’ll be fun to use, too.


Cool! Pounced on this as soon as I spotted it.

Is there an ETA on the Switch version?

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I honestly think devs forgot there is a switch version of this game.

Still waiting on those unobtainable money locked weapons that we can’t get from flash offers.

ETA 6-9 months :rofl:


Same, they need to update the soulforge, since we never had access to these weapons in the first place.