New Sentinels

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**What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:**New purple and brown sentinels have 3rd trait backwards. Purple should be web and brown should be curse.

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Hello :slight_smile:

Please provide screencaptures of the sentinels which you believe to be incorrect.

Its as simple as verifying the 3rd trait of the troops. Mine arent unique.

Let’s see:

  • Daemonic Sentinel (Red) - 3rd trait “Flaming Curse”
  • Draconic Sentinel (Yellow) - 3rd trait “Stunning Curse”
  • Elemental Sentinel (Green) - 3rd trait “Entangling Curse”
  • Giant Sentinel (Blue) - 3rd trait “Frozen Curse”
  • Monstrous Sentinel (Brown) - 3rd trait “Webbed Curse”
  • Undead Sentinel (Purple) - 3rd trait “Diseased Curse”

The traits are appear to be associated with their Troop Type and not their Mana Color (though that association tends to also exist).

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Thanks for the details. It seems obvious to me last two are backwards. Purple≈web and brown=curse. Maybe I’m wrong?

All 6 Sentinels have Curse + effect. So… yeah. Brown already has Curse.

I don’t associate these current troop type with their effects.

Dragons aren’t known for stunning things.
Giants are more associated with stun and not freeze.
Monsters don’t really web things, that’s more an elf and beast thing.
Undead aren’t associated with Disease, they’re more likely to be immune to Disease if anything.

It’s a mess.

But it’s also not my game, so I have no say. I do agree with you that it does feel backwards and purple = web and brown = disease. Web gems are purple after all. shrug

But if it was up to me, I’d rather see:

Red Sentinel = Cursed + Faerie Fire
Brown = Cursed + Hunter’s Mark

Burn and Disease are so weak compared to the other 4 sentinels

Typo I meant disease. If blue is freeze and red is burn and green is entangle, it’s logical for purple to be web and brown disease. Yellow might be silence but thats debatable.

Near as I can tell, the non-Construct “type” of these Sentinels is tied to the kingdom they were assigned to. With the exception of the Elemental Sentinel (Elemental / Forest of Thorns), it’s pretty much whatever the primary troop type of the kingdom happens to be.

Forest of Thorns is a little trickier. The “kingdom class type” is Elf; roughly half the troops from the kingdom are Beast, and roughly half the troops from the kingdom are Elemental (not including the delve, which is also all-Elemental), some of them being both (and therefore some of them being neither). So they must have just picked one and “designed” that Sentinel around it.