New Rarity - Deities

I remember when mythic troops were introduced into the game. I was glad to see higher rarities, more powerful spells, traits, etc. There are currently numerous troops that have some diety tied into their lore. I’m hoping that these troops may come into fruition at some point in the future. Anu, Oprheus, Zorn, Yasmine, Gaard (Gard?)… I think this is an idea worth exploring.

Would the Deities rarity be even more rare than Mythics? Mythics are currently 1 in 1000 from Gem/Guild6 chests. How rare would the new one be?

It would probably be like 1 in ∞+2.


Yeah I was thinking if feasible, a step above mythic. In my mind, it seems logical to be more rare, but in terms of obtainability, I don’t know how that would play out. I hate the whole crafting with orbs in regards to Zuul. I feel like a lower percentage with keys, and way more diamonds could work.

At one point, the devs assured people that it was safe to disenchant spare Mythics, and committed to not creating any rarity above Mythic.

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I mean, doomed weapons are a higher rarity than mythics, so singular troops could potentially become that as well. Therefore it wouldn’t have been a waste to disenchant extras.

And they’ve backed that up every single time they’ve answered the question since.

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What are “Dieties”? Deities on a diet?

I don’t think so. I hate RNG and this would just make it worse.
Mythic quality (Level 20) should be the last one. Period.

isnt gard avatar already a deity? how i remember his event posting wording him as when he came out atleast
found it listed as patron deity of whitehelm A New Mythic Approaches - Gard's Avatar

An avatar of a diety is usually an aspect / manifestation of a portion of a deity’s power, rather than the full embodiment.

If one ascribes to the Christian Trinity, for instance, Jesus is an avatar, whereas the total sum of Father-Son-Holy Spirit is God.

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