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New PVP tier reward?

Just got this, I think is new (?

I got the same thing today. Playing in English on PC.


Pan’s Vale is not my home kingdom. Whitehelm is. Rewards seem to match that tier:


I’m not sure if I got that reward already through the PVP menu.

Well, just in case a dev is checking this thread, I am on PC and went from Tier 15 to Tier 1 and I did not receive a single mail regarding my rewards. All of my rewards were awarded from the PVP menu post battle, per “normal”.

Just as another point of reference.


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Exactly the same for me as for @efh313 , and I’m in the same guild as nando/GP if that matters at all.

I wonder if us guildmasters also get one :pray::pray::pray::pray:

Same for me I played through tiers 15 to 1 after reset as I normally do all in one fast sitting to get the pain over quickly (pain/ mind numbing/ boredom use your own word here I guess but fighting Psion. Famine teams over and over and over is a great way to ensure after I hit rank 1 I never touch PvP again for the rest of the week thanks!). Anyway no additional rewards on the PS4 that the OP and others have posted.

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Oh hai, this weirdness is from our transition from PvP rewards being granted when entering the PvP menu, to awarding them in mail.

The current release uses the menu, and new unreleased builds we are testing send the mail.

The weirdness happens when a new build battles against one of your accounts playing on the current build. In that event, if you have pending PvP rewards, it will treat you like the new build and send you the rewards through mail.

Either way you are getting the same rewards, they just appear a different way.


And under the new patch due very soon?

Which i guess is a dumb question on something you are testing.

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