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New puzzler [no longer] looking for active guild

Hi everyone - I just picked up the game yesterday and have almost 20 hours in so I suspect I’ll be around for a while. :slight_smile: I’m a huge Puzzle Quest fan and think I own 2 or 3 copies of the game on various platforms.

I’m level 24 at present and looking for a newbie-friendly guild. I accepted an invite in my mail yesterday only to realize that probably 95% of what was accomplished that entire day was me - I’m willing to participate but I’d also like to see other people, so I left.

I’m not looking for a group with crazy high activity requirements but I don’t think hitting my 1500 tokens a week will be hard. Still kinda getting my feet wet in PVP but I’ll do what I can! I work full time and work weird hours on the weekends, but I should be able to log on most days.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to finding a fun team to run with :smile_cat:

i have a lot of spots free for now - so you can join if you are interested

have a look 404GuildNotFound

I’m nowhere near being able to hit PVP rank 1 unfortunately :frowning:

dont mix up PvP Tier 1 - and PvP Rank 1^^

there is a huge difference between them :wink:

you can easily get to PvP Tier one with 30 to 50 PvP matches - depending on the difficulty you select…

as you can see here - i am currently PvP Tier 4 after 28 Wins - you find this screen when you open PvP -> Stats

Besides it is very much recommended to reach tier 1 in PvP because of the glory you will get from it every day of that week :slight_smile:

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Whoops. Yes, I meant Tier 1. I’m halfway through Tier 11 at present, after 13 matches.

Yeah I’ve seen all sorts of guides and videos etc recommending hitting Tier 1. I’m trying, I just don’t want to feel like a derp if I don’t hit it is all.

[edit] Apparently I was halfway through Tier 12, but just broke into Tier 10. Slow going, but pretty steady! I sent you a PM.

My guild is looking for new members. We only have two active members at the moment, but we both play every day. We’re both over level 200, but we’re fine with newbies :). Guild is level 38.
If you can’t contribute gold until you get all your kingdoms leveled up, that’s fine, we mostly just need help getting seals. If you’re interested, let me know your invite code.

Thanks for the invite, MrSnake. :smiley: