New playing looking for an active guild (Found a guild)

Hello, ive been playing for over 2 days already and currently I am level 46. Just need an active guild which farms a lot of seals and can reach 40k easily. Currently I have farmed 1749 out of 2000 max.

If anyone is interested in me add: RAYVANEDGE_CKUZ.

I am currently in a guild so let me know your offers in here before you send me an invite. I am gold starved because leveling cities requires a lot of gold, but i can donate gold if needed and i’ll try to participate in all events. It’s just overwhelming for new player to do everything. There’s way too many things to do. Completing quests for kingdoms is quite time consuming.

We have a spot in our little guild. If you are interested contact me via PM or on Discord MadKing#0962

Check us out at Druids Alliance :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

We always have room for new players, and help out everyone as best as we can.

You can move up to other guilds as you grow your account.