New players welcome Angels&Devils

We have had a few players retire, we are looking for new players to take their place.

No set weekly minimums, just have fun and contribute what you can.

Level 123 Daily gold + 220 percent All statues over 50.

can i join? my invit code : HAMIDOU_1 thanks

OK, invite sent. Welcome

DO YOU5 invit me pls

I sent the invite, but it says you are in another guild. You will need to leave that guild before the invite will go through.

Hey, are you guys fairly active? If so, I would like to join :slight_smile: the guild I’m in now isn’t active at all, I’m the only one actually donating gold and collecting seals :frowning:


I’m a fairly active new player lvl 80 that would like to join you.

Invite code is RAGAL 1

Hi… I don’t know if you have any spots available but I jumped into a guild to start and I love this game. I play it daily either on mobile or computer when at home. I really enjoy this game but looking for a guild that’s active. I’m still in it but I’m the only one doing any of the guild tasks… Just thought I’d ask. I’m level 46 but I have only been playing for about 10 days. Thanks for your time…

I tried to invite, but it says that code does not exist?


Can try RAGAL_1 then. I cant see the _ but it might be there.

Hi yes we have room, send me your invite code and I’ll send you the invite.

Ok, that worked … invite sent and welcome

Yes, we have about 15 members who are active, we are trying to replace the
rest to get back to 30.

You can join directly or let me know your invite code and I’ll send you an

Level 143 that would like to join a more active guild. Am leveling kingdoms but usually contribute at least 1300 seals a week plus some gold. Invite code is paesh.

OK, invite sent … welcome

My invite code is lindseyvaneijk

FEARDSGUNS_1 … Sorry about that. I tried to leave the guild earlier but
it gave me an error but I’m out now. Thank You

Invite sent … welcome to the guild

Ok, invite sent … welcome

Hi, inv me pls, i leave gild.