New player stuck on xbox

I’m level 22, and I am stuck on the first Kingdom boss, I’ve done all the challenges as high as I can, and I unlocked a new Kingdom and I’m as high as I can go on that. Pvp only matches me with people far higher level than me, and I’m unsure how to progress without dropping money. Any ideas?

General answers: Go ahead and open some other kingdoms with gold and do their challenges for souls to level your team. Optionally purchase some keys with gold and see if you get some better cards to fill your lineup with. It might just be that your current team concept is underleveled and thus not working like you want, or that it plays too much to that encounters strengths. Leveling up cards or trying some new ones can help in those cases.

Specific suggestions: I believe the final boss is Sheggra, I don’t remember what her support troops are off the top of my head, so I will stick to suggestions around stopping her. Sheggra is a very powerful legendary especially when you are just starting out.

Mana Denial
A good way to hamstring her is to keep the red off the boad as much as possbile. Look into transmuters who can turn the red into something else. Or pack in a troop who powers their attack off red keeping it clear. That way when she triggers there won’t be as much red for her to mix her red creation with and thus there won’t be as many skulls when she transmutes it. It also will help to slow down her charging.
Another option under this general strategy would be cards who drain mana. I don’t want to list a litany of cards you probably don’t have in the legendary and epic tiers (or even ultra rares), but there are a couple in the rare tier you might have. Cockatrice is a good example (plus it adds entangle which is a great combo for fighting sheggra).

That brings me to another great strategy for any boss (or player team) who depends on skulls for damage. Entangle reduces a mobs attack to zero and keeps it from gaining further attack. It wears off like most ailments with a 10% cumulative chance each turn. Once done the mobs attack is restored to the pre-entangle level (basically attack buffs while entangled bounce providing no buff). Keep in mind 4 and 5 of a kind matches still deal 1 damage, but that is so much better than 3 or 4 times the top enemy’s attack rarting! Cast it just before you think Sheggra is about to proc for best effect. It might still wear off the turn after you cast it, so it might take a few tries, but the strat is sound.

Soaking the damage
This one is a dangerous strategy you probably will want to mix with one of the others if things turn against you. You can kind of trick the AI by letting sheggra power up (or even forcing her to power up) just as your first mob is about to die. By about to die I mean one 3 skull match away from death. You can do this by leaving 4 of a kind reds on the board so you know the computer will take it, or just stop denying red once she is close to charging and your mob is close to death. Since her damage doesn’t trample through she will pump a ridiculous amount of damage into the poor first troop on your side. The hope is that there aren’t enough skulls left after the initial match to cause you a problem with subsquent matches. Meanwhile buff your second mob instead of trying to save the first one. The situation has to be just right for it to work well, but nothing more satisfying that watching her dump a devastating attack into a 5 hp mob knowing that attack would have outright killed your next one. Keep in mind, when it backfires (generally by a random drop in skull set killing the first mob prematurely) you lose both your sacrificial mob and the one behind it usually. That rarely ends well which is why I say it is a last resort type strategy.

I hope that helps you out. Others will probably stop by with further suggestions as well. Best of luck!


Final battle in the Questline is: Ogre, Ogre, Ogre, Sheggra.

My suggestions:
Make sure you have a team that covers all 6 Mana colors, and that you have been using souls to level them up. Like Razlath said, try denying Mana to the enemy (in this case Blue, Red and Brown). You’ll also want to avoid using troops that create those colors unless you are certain you’ll get a 4 of a kind. If you have an alchemist, Stone Giant or Templar, it might be good to use them as they’ll be able to remove or convert Red gems (or in the alchemist’s case any color) so the enemy can’t make use of it.

Cockatrice and Spider Queen can both drain Mana from enemy troops. Pride Hunter, Blast Cannon and The Silent One (if you have it) will silence a troop stopping them from casting spell or collect mana (at least until it cleanses).

Most importantly if you have trouble try unlocking and progressing through other Kingdoms. It help you earn levels (increasing your Gem Masteries and at times unlocking new weapons), gain more souls from battle to use to level up your troops, more kingdoms means more gold to collect.

Hey guys, thanks for the input. I just beat sheggra! I lucked into a Tau and a Kerberos, and kerb devoured the boss and that was all she wrote. Tau cleaned up the rest. I’m still trying to figure out the best ways to get the different types of currency too. It seems questing and challenges always cost more than I get back. Gold starved atm.

Unlocking Kingdoms means that you will get more gold when collection from your home kingdom (not to mention increasing your chances of Tributes). Progressing through quests will increase the amount of gold a kingdom gives (the Income bonus reward you may have seen pop up). PvP and Arena (now that you’ve finish Broken Spire) are both good ways to get earn gold from those wins.

At the early stage as you’re unlocking kingdoms and trying to level troops up to compete in PvP, you want think about how best to spend your gold. Rushing out and buying all the kingdoms, may hinder you playing battles. My advice is unlock a few of the early kingdoms and then just focus on playing them and increasing their gold income.

Is the Arena worth it? I mean, 1000 goal entry is steep

Completely worth it!

If you win even 2 out of 8 battles, you’ve already made back the entry cost. So the risks is low.

Just be sure to check all the troops spells before making your final choice per selection, while also trying to avoid overlapping mana colors. Finally, pick a hero weapon based on the color(s) not being used by the troops.

Your kingdoms mana colors are +1 Blue & +1 Brown, so try to get at least one troop in your Arena line-up with one of these colors.

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Zelfore is right, but be aware that the arena does get easier with a higher level hero and more choices for hero weapons.

So if you struggle as a low level character (like I did my first time), level up a bit more with quests and challenges and try again with a few more levels under your belt.

Another great thing about Arena is that you get to try out a lot of different cards. You fight with lvl 10 cards of whatever you choose in the arena, so you can really get a feel for how they behave. Your opponents cards will all be lvl 10 as well so the card level advantages you see in Invades are decreased quite a bit. If memory serves there are no kingdom bonuses either which further levels the playing field against players who have worked up their kingdoms. The heroes can be tough, but stat bonuses start coming much less frequently as you level, so it isn’t an issue for as long as kingdom bonuses are. I highly recommend the arena for peeps starting out to learn a lot about a variety of cards and how they work together. The souls and keys you get for a 7 or 8 win run are huge and really help when you are starting out.

Congrats on your win!


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