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New player (lvl 58) seeking active guild (found)


I’m currently lvl 58, I try to learn by looking at guides/videos. So far I’ve been completing some quest trees, leveling up the 5 magic kingdoms, and gotten myself to tier 1 in pvp during the weekend (I’ve played for around 5 days now).

I typically see myself logging in every day, I don’t mind spending a bit of cash once in a while (bought deathknight armor), and should be able to do my part in reaching moderate guild requirements. I’m in euro timezone (Norwegian).

I don’t really want random guild invites, so please PM me or reply in this thread and we’ll take it from there.

Ideally, I want to join a guild with mature people who all contribute a decent amount (ie. not super casual and not 24/7 hardcode). Guild should be established (have 30 slot unlocked and have 20 or more members).

Hi Arch, how much gold do you see yourself contributing to the guild weekly?

Hi, long answer:

I don’t really know my average gain yet so it’s hard to say. I would probably want to have something left for advancing my kingdoms, so I’d probably be comfortable with spending 30 to 50% of my gold as guild tax.

Short guesstimate answer:
Based off my earnings in the last couple of days, I don’t think 100-150k sounds too bad.

We are a new guild and looking for new members. We are active, but we want to help our members to get troops en lvl up.
Welcome to Dutch retaliation


Ok, I think you’ll fit in… The Assplowers! We’re level 236 and looking for promising new members. Currently there’s an empty slot so if you want, just PM me your name and I’ll send the invite

What can you contribute each week?

200k Gold, 800 seals and 150 trophies will get you in and with all of the Guild Bonuses you should progress fast. Just depends on how much you think you will be playing really, because that would be the minimum and would be on the understanding that you are working toward progressing in the game.

Thank you all for the replies. I have found a guild I’m happy with.