New Player looking 4 guild

New to the game (iOS)

Invite code is BLAZERB.

Played one day, lvl 20. Should I buy any of the things currently in the store?

The $5 starter pack bundle is a pretty good deal if you have that one available. The 15 gems for 15 days is also very good value and would be put towards a 250 gem costume.

I have a $5 and a $20 starter pack.

I bought the $20 starter and the daily gems. I’m in a temp guild so I’ll have to leave before getting an invite.

Still interested in finding a good home.

sometimes i consider adding more members to my guild and then i think hmm we got almost 600 trophy’s with only 2 members currently and will be getting more as the weeks progress. Also it is contribute at your own risk as there are no minimums and no max gold to the tasks. We only ask that you play enough and stay active until you think another guild would be a better fit for you or you can stay with us for ever. we are more of a laid back guild. I can never tell if adding more members is worth it but if you want to join the valley of death let me know. However if another better guild wants you then dont worry bout us

Killer why do you want to keep your guild small? Would you get more rewards if more people help?

Hi I noticed you joined a guild. I’m offering you a place in a Top 200 Guild called Blockbusters. We are a growing guild with 100% Daily Gold Bonus and +20 to all Masteries. If you are still interested in joining our guild in the future, don’t hesitate to follow-up on our guidelines & respond to the following thread: Blockbusters Recruitment (Shutting Down in One Week) - #6 by sarcasmjew

Cheers o/

i don’t mind it being big or anything its just i have never found a reason to invite anyone at any point. My guild is laid back and i don’t feel like inviting people just to force them to contribute to it. I do not keep it small other than there is no real incentive to increase it. More members means more trophies and more contributions but then if you don’t play in a way that does something for the guild then you get kicked. I manage the guild but i do not feel compelled to do anything as far as invited and guild is on the pc btw tbo