New player help needed (gold farming)

I am currently level 92 from doing the quests. I have all kingdoms unlocked and am currently working on getting them to level 10 so I need help with farming gold. I have been trying to farm gold through explorer at normal and only get about 400 gold every time. My current team is Moneylender (Level 16, fully traited) , Sunbird (Level 14, 2 of 3 traited and does 13 damage with resurrection), double Fire Bomb (Level 16, fully traited, 9 damage with Implosion. Team Score is 5,024

Should I continue to use this team or use a different team?

You’ll probably want to play PvP rather than explore, but I’m not sure if you are above the point where you get above-explore level payouts from PvP yet. You should also get the Dragon Armor (or at least Dwarven) before setting up for any long term farming.

You should definitely be using the hero with a class. The hero is a massive wall of stats that lets you churn through these much faster. Sunbird’s damage output sucks at this point. Using troops that can churn the board and fishing for skull one-shots for weak things like explore is much faster. Magic scaling gold generators also won’t do you a whole lot of good here, because you don’t have a lot of magic. You shouldn’t worry about the in-game gold counter, focus more on making your battles faster.

Recommend something like this:

Tyri should be high enough level to destroy at least 8 gems with her spell. You can use Tyri to eliminate her own colors and make matches easier to get or to finish filling the last two troops, which can destroy gems to assist filling the others while dealing damage. Don’t bother casting the hero unless it is lethal damage, but do fish for skulls - this weapon can be easily upgraded with common ingots and has +7 attack damage. Combined with the level 1 talent for the War tree, thats +11 attack on top of the hero’s already sizable stat pool. Tyri will spit out occasional maps, which might actually be faster gold for you at this point than trying to farm gold. Just play through them quickly and don’t worry about conserving maps, they are really easy to get.

When you get all kingdom bonuses unlocked, you can do some farming with a Sunbird/firebomb team, but still recommend Hero/Sunbird/Firebomb/Firebomb or Sunbird/Rowanne/Firebomb/Firebomb - if you cant single-cycle the enemy team, you aren’t ready to use teams like this yet. PvP is still going to be much faster gold, though, in which case you should be using whatever the strongest troops you have available are. Double converters are a huge help early game for setting up win conditions versus much stronger opponents, but if you don’t have any three-trophy viable setups, you can usually brute force the two-trophy by just having a team with decent mana flow.


Thank you for your help and recommendation.I do have these troops and Tyri can destroy 11 gems. I do not have the Titan class at this what. Is this team recommend for me to play PVP with? Also, what are the levels of the lion prince and dragonian rogue? My team is about 6K below yours.


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Don’t worry about the score, I was using this team way back on that account when it was about a week old. I had them at level 10 at the time, with my tyri at just enough magic to destroy 8 gems when I first started using it (I believe level 12?) and with no traits on anybody. The team should be PvP viable at the low end, maybe 1 or 2 trophy matches, mostly because even if they have superior stats, they are generally poorly constructed in terms of mana flow.

Titan is good at this point because it is also really easy to set up. You get 4 attack for having just the first talent unlocked and it has good defensive stats, and you don’t need traits (yet). Titan is a staple class for events later, particularly the level 40 barrier talent and the traits, so it is worth leveling.

Dragonguard should be ok with just Exemplar for PvP for a good skull bash. The traits also help but aren’t strictly necessary here (yet). I have a team specifically for that, early game, that also works well - :
Dragonguard (with a weapon limited to yellow and/or red)
Dragonian Rogue
(any either dragon’s claw/dragon troop, or wight)

Banner set to favor gathering mana for Dragotaur. You can ping Dragotaur and Rogue back and forth occasionally while fishing for skulls while the hero gets lots of skull damage. Dragonian Monk in the last slot can make it a bit safer but slower, baby dragon/visk covers red but poorly, dragon eggs gives you a summon but you shouldn’t want to use this, etc. One of my earliest dungeon-viable teams. Works better in 2 trophy PvP than the other one probably, since it has sustain in the form of Dragotaur’s armor buff.

If this doesn’t work, you can use the hero with any weapon that doesn’t mana block, ranger, alchemist, and banshee. Or any combination of troops that can chain mana to ranger with the hero not blocking them. Hero’s spell sucks at this point, so you want them covering a color that isn’t used by the team much, but the stat wall and high skull damage are nice. Ranger’s damage output drops off significantly past a certain point, but its a good way to deliver fast damage early on.

For three trophy teams, you’ll need something that can keep the turn while dealing significant amounts of damage. Double converters (Forest Guardian, Divine Ishbaala, Wrath, Qilin, etc) and self loopers (Yao Guai) are a good way to do this if you can set them up, or just overwhelming brute force if they don’t have the stats to withstand it yet (The Dragon Soul). You can loop them to death with low rarity setups, or use cheese like bulette, but this generally takes a really long time to the point you are better off sticking to 2 trophy.

I was able to unlock the Titan class and I have it equipped now with the first trait unlocked. Should I just focus on leveling up the Titan class to get more traits unlocked? I completed 2 1 trophy PVP fights and won both. But I only had 1 unit remaining when I won.


Here is what my team looks like on the field:

You don’t need the traits yet. Hero mana is irrelevant for this setup because you don’t want to waste turns casting the weapon most of the time anyways. Level your other troops to 10 and hero to 20 if possible.

The pure dragons team probably works better for PvP at this point if you are struggling to keep your troops alive.