New player - advice on levelling, and support resources


I’ve been playing just a couple of weeks (formerly played Hearthstone for three years)
I’ve googled for suitable resources and have been reading and watching videos from Keylime.

Keylime advised to get a kingdom to 10 for the life bonus, and then move on to the next. Others say get them to 5 and then move on, until they are all 5, later levelling up to 10. Which is correct/best?

Regarding support resources, there is this site, Reddit, some things on YouTube and what others please?

So far, there seems to be fewer videos showing ‘good’ teams in action, compared to Hearthstone? Watching videos for the latter from good streamers who explained their plays and highlighted serious deficiencies with my play with the same or similar deck!

By the way, I’ve been looking specifically for advice on fast teams for players to unlock kingdoms. I’m using Golden Cog, Rowanne, clockwork Sphinx and a second Rowanne (an experiment as I have two). Any suggestions are welcome.

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Tacet the Terror is my go to YouTuber for GoW :slight_smile:

The official game guides are not bad for basic introduction of features:

There’s a few discord servers, my fave would be the GoW alliance:

Your best resource might be a good guild, where you have other players to talk to directly. That’s also one of the best pieces of advice for starting players - get an active guild who will help you get the resources you need to progress.

On your kingdoms question, hmm. Level 5 would be a good start - it gives you access to kingdom power level 2, which doubles the tribute you get from the kingdom, which means more gold for more kingdom levels. But level 10 is where you get the extra stats, which really helps in matches. I’d say depends on how you’re doing - if you’re struggling in battles, I’d do a few kingdoms to level 10 to beef up a bit (if that’s doable for you in a reasonable amount of time), then do all others to level 5 and finally all to 10, prioritizing by what you need - magic if you need to do more damage, life/armour if you’re dying too fast.

I’ll let somebody else help with starting teams. I’ve been “end game” too long to know what works at lower levels.

Welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:


I’m in this camp, personally.

Your gold will go a lot farther and compound much more quickly when you invest in this way.

As mita says, your first few stat increases won’t be as immediate, but you will acquire the totality of stat boosts much faster over time, probably, because more income = faster progress in a basically linear fashion.

Your initial team sounds good. When you’re first allowed, beat Urskaya’s (kingdom in the top left of the map) questline to unlock the Sentinel class. Its unique weapon, Shield of Urskaya, will enable you to beat any content that is currently too hard when you pair it with your Rowanne.

If you play on Xbox, feel free to reach out for guild membership — we’ve got room for anyone dedicated enough to join the forum and reach out for advice :+1:



Thank you.
I’ll check out Tacet and the other resources (my first team was based on one of the Zendesk suggestions, minus Treant
I’ll follow your advice about taking kingdoms to level 5
I’ve joined a guild, who have been very helpful so far.

@ Magnusimus

Thanks for the feedback about the shield and team.
I started on PS4, just saw it as a free game to try out, and then moved to mobile after enjoying the first day on it.
I did join a guild on PS4 but I can see what a difference it makes to be in a more active guild … thanks for the offer!


A key thing worth stressing is to almost always level up hero classes whenever possible. Its a process that takes forever and its not something you want to get stuck doing later.

What hero class are you using with the Golden Cog?

The most popular hero class is the Titan hero class from Stormheim, though there’s a few other good classes as well. A lot of newer players tend to equip Warlord as its the first they have access to, but its a really poor class compared to almost all other classes (Hi Devs, Update Warlord please).

As for troops, I like to recommend Troops with Boost Ratios, which typically do bonus damage based on certain conditions. Troops like Elwyn really pack a punch in the early game. Boost Ratios can carry pretty hard until you start to pick up more stats.

Two other things worth keeping an eye out on are troops that can generate Souls: as a newer player, you’ll need a life time supply, and troops that can explode or transform/convert gems to another color: which can really speed up battles.

Once you can unlock the Underworld, you’ll have access to Factions. If you can obtain some shards from Delve events or other places and open up some of the factions, you have a chance to pick up some really powerful troops, like King Gobtruffle, The Maraji Queen and more.

The problem at this point of the game is that the people who do make videos have so much more stats and way different troops from the people just starting the game that its pretty hard to relate. There’s some troops you’ll be able to mimic, but largely it’ll be a roguelike experience based on the troops you manage to pull from keys. is a pretty handy site to use to keep track of your collection and see the resources you may need to find in the future.

Lootwizard did a new player playthrough recently:

He did up to the last kingdom I believe… which is plenty of content to observe.

Last note: definitely try to get into an active guild with reasonable requirements for your level. An active guild = more resources = faster progression.


Interesting Keylime recommended life. I would have suggested magic.

Personally I got all kingdoms to 5, prioritized magic ones for 10, then got the rest to 10. Whether that is the best approach or not, eh, don’t know. You will eventually get them all to 10 anyway so don’t over think it.

As for resources, you already know Keylime who was my number #1 until he left. Someone else recommended Tacet. There are a few other streamers but I don’t really watch anyone else so I can’t recommend them.

Reddit is quiet and spammed by guild recruitment. I rarely look at it despite being active on reddit. There aren’t any mods there. For a social community I recommend these forums, the GoW Alliance discord server someone already posted, and another discord server GoW Community

If you haven’t already, join an active guild who can help you out. I run Prancypants on PC/mobile and will likely have open spots Sunday. We are a casual guild.


If you don’t already have armor, I’d recommend you get Dragon Armor for the gold boost. And don’t forget to equip it after purchase, unlike my alt, who found out 6 months later when he purchased Celestial armor to help with Soul Farming. He probably just didn’t want to get it dirty.



Thanks very much for your time with that.

Regarding class levelling: I have Archer 11, Mechanist 10, Necromancer 10, Oracle 10, Priest 10, Slayer 5, Warlord 26. As you said, I kept going with Warlord but when I got Golden Cog I started to level others as firstly I thought they might work better with the armour and then because I got the idea that taking them to 10 was a good idea (rightly or wrongly). Co-incidentally I switched to Titan the day before I posted, once I cleared Stormheim, and am planning to stick with it until 40.

Thanks for the tips about troops. I am aiming to get The Maraji Queen ASAP.

I did register for to help my guild suggest teams … unfortunately you can’t copy the link from chat.

I’ll spend some time with that Lootwizard video, thanks. Given that troops don’t rotate out, I thought there would be quite a history of videos explaining the set up and play of some of the popular teams at various levels. I’ve seen a couple where teams are suggested but no gameplay, and some that show them (briefly) in action (e.g. Sunbird and 3x Fire Bombs) but not what’s needed to make them work like that. Perhaps they’re there but I haven’t found them yet.


Thanks for the feedback and discord suggestion.

I agree about Reddit, totally different to the Hearthstone sub Reddit.

For the guild I joined, most of the roster seem active and hopefully I’ll be a contributor in due course (I chipped in just 900 for the Nefertani thing this week but I hope it all helps until I get my kingdoms to 10 and start contributing gold)


I’ve already got the dragon armour, the guild gave me 390 gems in the first week … good point about equipping it, took a couple of games before I realised! What’s the next best thing to do with gems?


I like buying the Delve weapons* with Gems. Jar of Eyes (ASE), Secrets of the Crypt (Crypt Keepers), and Life and Death (Silver Necropolis) are some of the best, but Writhing Staff (SoS) and others can be good as well. Unfortunately, LnD was just two weeks ago, so that will take some time to rotate back.

Edit: *Available during Tuesday Faction Events for 410 gems.


If you can spare the gems, I would recommend the Dungeon offer on Sundays. It’s 50 gems for 80 diamonds and other misc items, which will also be useful at your level, but mostly for the diamonds - it will help you get towards your next (first?) mythic faster. Or a weapon - the weapons Chunky is talking about are available to be crafted during their faction event as well if you don’t have the gems on hand.


If you’re sitting on a surplus of gems, there’s a pretty good weapon coming out next Friday during Invasions (available for 3 days). I believe the price will add up to 210 gems.


Personally I would recommend Sinnycool on YouTube. He has a ton of videos covering every topic, and is very good!

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Thank you for all of your suggestions, it’s much appreciated

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