New pets aren't available in pet rescues despite the patch notes advertising otherwise

The following pets aren’t actually in pet rescues despite the patch notes advertising the contrary:

(Disregard angry anvil, but this pertains to the rest )


@Graeme I couldn’t understand the hesitation. So I just did it myself. Hope you don’t mind me citing your thread.


We haven’t found any of those over 6 guilds, either. Just to 2nd this.

They’re not available even though the patch notes sound as if they should be.

One thing is sure: on 29th June, rescue for Shimmerscale Egg (Brighty Forest).
Other than that… :thinking:


We tried, we tried, we didn’t get on anyone from these new guild packs - all sorts of freaks are given, but not these newcomers to the game.

We feel bad and have no fun wasting verses on what we seem to have been promised - but forgot to hand out…

We’d like to know about the things they don’t drop before they waste baits…

Or that they get caught - but we’re just so unlucky…

It saddens us to know that these Schrödinger pets have entered the game…