New Pet - War Corgi


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New Pet: War Corgi

A new pet has been released, War Corgi. You can get your War Corgi from the daily Pet Rescue for the next 24hrs.

War Corgi will only be available from International Dog Day Pet Event.

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Yay! I’m glad to have him! ^^
I even got 2 of them from 8 battle, so he won’t be lonely. He is already so mythical, I don’t have to change his card’s boarder color to show that!


Should have saved for Queen’s birthday.


… You do know that it’s International Dog’s Day, don’t you @UKresistance?


Yes, but you should have picked non corgy dog. So more doggies!


It grates, that for 24hrs I can’t trigger a useful pet to hunt…



Can we expect that the War Corgi will make a second appearance for International Dog Day 2019? Eventually I may want it at level 20 to unlock Sword’s Edge’s fifteenth star. But there is obviously no rush to do that right the heck now.


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Awesome, that made be smile! Thank you!


You spelled Wargi wrong.


Too OP, nerf it please!


I was too late…


:thinking:Maybe we should do a Warg version of the War Corgie in the future? It can be a Warwargie? :joy:


I forgot to do this event today! :confused:


By my count, you still have almost five hours to remember and do it.


I’ll be at work for the next 9 hours.


If it’s a Warg Warg then Moon Moon has a friend!