New Pet - Toddy Big Ears

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New Pet: Toddy Big Ears A new pet has been released, Toddy Big Ears. You can get your Toddy Big Ears from the daily Pet Rescue for the next 24hrs. Toddy Big Ears will also start appearing as a potential Pet Rescue from Pet Gnomes.


This is a cute pet so adorable looking, not like some pets, (sorry Spike) :sweat_smile:

He got given the wrong name in the pet mastery reward mail twice when I leveled him up just now:

(Steam, and if I exit out of Steam without collecting the rewards then open up the game on Android they’re the same placeholders there too.)

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Already reported here, without much success. Apparently it will only get forwarded to development once the Customer Experience Team understands the technical details, which feel like an effort of heroic proportions.