New Pet Smallpaca, maybe post screenshots of the new ones?


I didn’t see this in the notes, but I just got a copy!

I love those eyes!


There are several new pets. My guild just got Puddling.


I must have missed it in the notes, so cool, thank you for letting me know!




(Screenshot from Patch notes)


I guess I was too tired when scanning the notes, but feel free to post screenshots of them as you get them!!!

I love new things!


Those eyes bring out the Three Stooges in me…


His eyes look like separate creatures, like he has giant parameciums on his face.


Its face is high quality meme material. Also kinda disturbing.





What does this even mean?
He triggered a pet rescue without ‘paying’ anything to do so.


Cash shop. Pay. Gain lightbulb.


Okay, lol,


He’s a forum troll, careful not to feed him.


The art on Bright Beetle is awesome!



Your guild is getting lucky, awwwesome, that’s like a Mini Mothra!


Not me. I’m at work :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: and play on ps4. But yes. So far I think we have been lucky with the new pets as a guild.


Anyone know when we are getting the cat dragon?