New Pet - Skullbeak

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New Pet: Skullbeak

A new pet has been released, Skullbeak. You can get your Skullbeak from the daily Pet Rescue for the next 24hrs.

Skullbeak will only be available from the Talk Like A Pirate Day Pet Event.

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Pssst, check out your daily login calendar…

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It’s not a cosmetic only pet



I’ve passed this along to the team and am awaiting a response.

We need a Blackhawk team boost pet, and 3 pets from Blackhawk is too much.

There’s ne’er enough Blackhawk pets yer landlubber


Yaaaar right about that arrren’t ye?


Heads up, the pet is meant to be only cosmetic in nature. As such, we will soon push a fix that returns it to being a cosmetic only pet, and removes the bonuses.

Yikes. Hopefully nobody has invested resources into buying extra for the bonus…

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I noticed that too! Still an awesome looking pet :smiley:

Please also undo the food spent on upgrades.

Cosmetic? That’s disappointing. It was the perfect pet to represent Blackhawk

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Makes you wonder when we’re supposed to get Blackhawk boost pet.

Currently scheduled for the twelfth of nevarrrrr

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Does anyone know if I would still be able to get the pet (even just 1 copy) if I were unable to play until Sunday? Currently unable to play until then unless I make a special (and several hour long) trip into town to get it. Don’t want to miss it, but don’t really want to make the trip into town unless I have to.

You can also get the pet free with two days of logins over the next three days (today, tomorrow, Thursday), but I don’t think it will be available Sunday.

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Hey there. I’m in Demonitus’ guild and I’m travelling outside my country :canada:, so insofar as console access goes, I don’t have any.

If I return on Friday which is “Day 3” of Talk Like A :pirate_flag: Pirrrrrrrrrrrate, is there any chance of being able to pick up this Event-only Cosmetic-only :parrot: Pet.

The way that the event Calendar is bracketed, I agree with XLS78 that we’d by able to pick up Skullbeak with logins starting today and tomorrow, but Friday login would only provide pet food? :ghost: :scream:

Thanks for the help! I guess I’ll have to make that trip after all. Don’t want to miss out on talk-like-a-pirate-day! :grin:

If you’ve invested resources into the pet in the interest of its bonus, ease contact our support.