New Pet - Hoodoo Doll

Originally published at: New Pet – Hoodoo Doll – Gems of War

New Pet: Hoodoo Doll

A new pet has been released, Hoodoo Doll. You can get your Hoodoo Doll from the daily Pet Rescue for the next 24hrs.

Hoodoo Doll will only be available from Halloween Pet Event.


Happy Halloween everyone!


Now thats a cool looking pet to celebrate Halloween with. :slight_smile:

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My mailbox gave me a new weapon, but it’s not in my troop menu.

You guys really need to fix this new weapon bug that comes every single time.

Edit: ok it appears on second game restart

@Tacet big fan of your streams, but please…

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Thank you for the festive gifts, you devs rock!

I love the weapon!

Happy Halloween to you, and everyone, as well!