New Pet - Dawn Bird


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New Pet: Dawn Bird

A new pet has been released, the Dawn Bird. You can get your Dawn Bird from the daily Pet Rescue for the next 24hrs.

The Dawn Bird will also start appearing as a potential Pet Rescue from Pet Gnomes in 3-4 weeks’ time.

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For all those Stryx teams we’ve been using…

I mean, ummm, fire. FIRE!


This one is a beauty! Moltres! :heart_eyes:


It’s so cute, I’m gonna call mine “Lit!”




I wish it was as big as the Itty Bity Yeti, but its a nice looking pet


I wish we’d get more Stryx troops!


I was hoping for a beast bonus.


Mine is called “Fawkesy Lady” :joy:


I thought that too! Wonder if we’ll get thunder and ice birds as well.:wink:


Hope we will.


I have to admit, I struggled with the last battle so I may have bought quite a few copies of this borb.


Cyrup is a birb FANATIC.


Cyrup and her coffee in the morning. Is she the person or the birb? Who knows.

Bonus gif for @Sheba.



This is a most excellent post!:blush: I approve of dev-posted bunnies very much! Especially of such cute ones! (Well, all bunnies are cute, but still…):rabbit:


Will this pet be in the drop pool after reset tonight?
It’s been approximately 4 weeks by then. Since this is the first pet to adhere to the 3-4 week delayed release. (At first it was in the drop pool but quickly fixed.) I’m asking to make sure it will work as intended. Despite it being in the pool… It could be days or weeks before I personally see it as a PR.


Has anyone gotten a Dawn Bird pet rescue in the past 4 days??


Nope 10chars


And your guild is like mine right? 15-20 pet rescues a day?


I haven’t seen Dawn Bird either and my guild has pet rescues around the clock.


Yeah lots every day