New Pet – Bardzoi (Nintendo Switch)

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New Pet: Bardzoi A new pet has been released, Bardzoi. You can get Bardzoi from the daily Pet Rescue for the next 24hrs. Please note that Bardzoi is a special event pet.

Currently Falabella is the 24 hour rescue for me instead. Anyone else having the same issue?

Yes i have the same problem!

Falabella has been in the preview and on tarans since it got spoiled for today.
And now you tell us, it should be a new (useless) cosmetic pet???

But hey, it’s GoW…

Look discord gary bot news captain awesome!

I’m aware of that.
What do you wanna tell me now?

Garys bot takes the announcements from Latest News – Gems of War

That doesn’t change the fact, that Falabella is currently pet of the day on Switch, not Bardzoi!!!

Which has also been spoiled on tarans for several weeks AND in the ingame preview since last thursday:

Funny to see, that this got completely ignored. Hopefully they won’t replace it for another wednesday pet…

I also appeciate the low amount of complaints about :rofl: :call_me_hand: :kissing_heart:

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