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NEW ORDER OF BASTET (NOoB) ~ On the 'hunt' to give a home to eager, active "predators"

Are you looking for an active/social/semi-casual Guild with a " low-pressure/no-pressure" ideology and easy-going vibe? Come join us!

New Order of Bastet offers a home to our Pride members to grow and kick some serious bahuki. If you want what we’ve got and what we offer, let out a ROAR to join us!

Additional requirements/preferences:
:lion_face: ~ 250K Gold/Week if Kingdoms lvl 10+. Gold Minimum Negotiable if still working on kingdoms to level 10+
:lion_face: ~ Level 100+ Preferred, but we are most happy to welcome any “cubs” who are still “younger” members of the community as far as game play goes.
:lion_face: ~ World Event Objective/Minimum = 200 Points/Person or better.

Come visit our Discord Pub or DM me if interested in joining us.