New Order of Bastet (NOoB) ~ Come 'hunt' with our active, semi-casual, social Pride and have fun!

Are you looking for an active/social/semi-casual Guild that can hunt like a boss but relax and chill under the cool shade of a tree? Come join us!

New Order of Bastet offers a “low-pressure/no-pressure” ideology while encouraging our Pride members to reach for the stars and kick some serious bahuki.

We’re currently looking for 9 eager individuals who are interested in what we have to offer and can meet/exceed our requirements and minimums detailed below:

Age - 18+
Discord & Guild Events Mandatory

750+ Seals/Week
200K+ Gold/Week

This is our Discord server if you’ve got Discord and are interested in checking us out:

Come and join us


Looking for 8 fresh faces to join our Pride! Come have fun with NOoB!

Grrrreeetings again, Guys n Dolls! :smile_cat:

New Order of Bastet (NOoB) is still “on the hunt” for 8 eager, hungry individuals who would like to join our Pride.

Please leave word here or in my DM if you would like to join us or have questions. Please include your invite code and why you would like to be part of the NOoB Pride.

You can also come to our NOoB Pub in Discord and met our members as well as other “Pub Prowlers” Guests.

Look forward to hearing from you.

GM ~ New Order of Bastet

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Grrreeetings again, Beautiful mammals! :smiley:

We’re still looking to bring 8 “stray cats” into our Pride!

New Order of Bastet is currently OPEN for recruitment and come visit our NOoB Pub within our Discord link.

Hope to hear from ya’ soon. :smile_cat:


Grrrreetings again, one and all!!

Our Pride hasn’t needed any fresh faces in a wee while, but we are now on the hunt for 3 individuals!!

Ideally, we’d like to give a home to those “stray cats” who can meet all requirements and minimums.

However, we are willing and eager to accept and negotiate specific “agreements” with those who cannot. Criteria would be on a case-by-case basis. The only aspects of the agreement that we would not negotiate on are the mandatory requirements of:
– AGE 18+

Please let out a “roar” here or send me a DM/Mail through this forum site.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Hey I am looking for a guild to join. I’m fairly new lv113, but very active. I’m looking to improve and learn more. I’m interested in joining and I can definitely meet the seals req. but don’t think I could make the gold. Only have 4 places to lv 10. Lmk if

Hi, Imzekey. Sorry for delay.

If you’re still looking, I’d love to have ya’.

I’ll send you a DM and we can talk more.

Looking for Seasoned Kitties who want to have some fun and relax in a very semi-casual social group.

Direct Message me here

We don’t require Guild Wars !