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New maps and UWP application?

I am just coming back to this great FTP game, one of the best I ever have played. I re-downloaded it to my Xbox One and noticed that there were big changes including several new maps. After purchasing the maps, I get an indicator stating I have 80% of the kingdom. I have conquered these maps and were hoping the others would open, but they have not. Is this a console issue or is there something else I need to do?

Are there any plans for this to be a Universal Windows App so that I can also enjoy the game not only on my XB1, but also my surface, windows phone, etc?


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When you say there are new maps are you talking about new kingdom banners showing?

The only requirement I remember for unlocking a new kingdom is that you must pay 4.000 gold. But I feel I misunderstood the question

Yep, exactly. I guess I should say new Kingdoms or Banners. I wish I could take a screen shot, and I don’t have access right now to my console, but three new Kingdoms opened on the far East side of the map and also one to the south. When I conquered these, a progress bar showed up and when I did the last one, it says I am at 80% so I know there are more available, but I don’t know where. I see there are a few areas of land where they might be, but on my XB1 they are not showing up. I figured that maybe I had to complete something first for them to appear maybe.

No you can’t have 100% on console yet, those kingdoms are coming. Some of the kingdoms and troops are already registered in the system even though they aren’t in the game yet. So that’s why it’s telling you it’s not complete.

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Great! Thanks for the information. And now I would be SUPER happy if the developers say that this is going to be a UWP game soon and will have cross platform support. Meaning I can play on the XB1, save it, and pick it up on my Win 10 laptop, Surface, phone, whatever.

Considering linking the Console ecosystem with the PC is something the devs have stated will not be supported in the foreseeable future, making their XB1 app into a cross-platform UWA would just confuse things, as now there’d be two separate PC versions of Gems of War that wouldn’t talk to one another.

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Thanks for the information Lyya. I was hoping that maybe cross platform play would be a possibility as I LOVE this FTP game (not really FTP for me as I have purchased things, but really a great FTP).

Lots of new stuff for console coming in the next few months. We’ll be caught up with pc/mobile and get a new guild system by the end of the year.

While I agree that there is some potential for confusion. Multiple distributions are not something unheard of on the PC, you can get things digitally from Microsoft, Valve (Steam), Mojang, Blizzard, etc.

Eventually it should routine and easy to publish apps/games across the entire Microsoft ecosystem. Many games starting at the end of this year will be this way, and more next.

Ultimately though it will be up to the developers if they want to expand to other marketplaces in search of more players.

The Developers have said one thing very clearly: that cross play (console to PC(Steam)) won’t be occurring with the current legal restrictions.

Multiple distribution channels, sure. But one version tied to the console ecosystem and another tied to PC/mobile’s, both released on PC? That seems like it’s begging for trouble.

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This link outlines the plan for Gems on the console

Thanks! It is all good news