New Map preview

It’s lower-detail, but I kind of like it. “Lower-detail” doesn’t always mean “looks worse”.

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I like the new map. It has a more modern design that fits the current UI better.

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Really like the cute map.

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actually after looking… I want the gold and the gems :joy:

I don’t really like the plains… they look somewhat blurry to me and the yellow part around Whitehelm is to bright for my liking.

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IMO new map is looking worse than current one cause it is lacking sharpness of old one. For me it is looking like someone used a lot of blur tool when making it.

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When you compare and constrast the two. It’s hard to determine which is the upgrade…:thinking:


The newer map is definitely cleaner and less clash with the kingdom emblems. I like the aurora effect as well!


Well, the current map is hands down better than the new one in every way. But I’m not surprised, seeing as how the old fantasy style graphics also were replaced with something worse…

There’s just no contrast, at all. Everything looks blurry. Definitely looks like an amateur dabbled around in paint. I sincerely hope you didn’t have to pay too much for that

Edit: to be a bit more helpful, the biggest problem I see is that there’s no texture to the grass, just one big gradient. Add some texture to it and it would probably look pretty decent.


If to judge by this screenshot, the new map definitely looks worse. The only nice thing, as mentioned, is aurora at Stormheim, but the rest is just bad, not worth time or money or whatever put into it.

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Remember when the troop cards looked like cards? New map matches the rest of the game now I suppose. :disappointed_relieved:


When I first started up until level 300 or 400 I called them cards. Troops sounded stupid to me. But it was the lexicon so I adapted.

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I like the new map actually

And if by lowering contrast helps with lag,

I’m double glad they’re doing it…

I’m not sure if it has something to do with the lag we have been experiencing recently, maybe they decided for a new map visual to keep it on the same style of the possible Underwold Map and maybe others that could come in the future.

Taking inspiration on D&D we could have an Astral plane or other worlds to visit even. The Worldbreaker, despite the funny lore, is not from Krystara, so maybe our hero will eventally visit other worlds.


Because there’s nothing smarter than sending Krystara’s dumbest inhabitant as the first person to other worlds.:sunglasses:
Can’t we instead send Monster Muncher, Hellcackle or maybe just a Firebomb? All those options seem way, way better than sending the hero.

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Sending an explosive device as Krystara’s first emissary to another world? How very American of you.


We can’t risk the smart people into such missions. But it’s better than sending goblins i guess.


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Remember, I predicted there would be 4 maps for GoW version 4.0.

Nah, I think the Goblins displayed more intelligence during Zaejin’s storyline than the hero ever did. They’d do great. Not too smart, but also not the dumbest option. Grapplepot could cook a meal - either for the inhabitants of the other world or out of them, depending on how negotiations go…

Well, there would be an explosion, but that’s it. I mean, remember what happens when the hero teamed up with Ethoras, one of the representative royals of Krystara? Yeah, released Scorpius… Honestly, I feel sending a Firebomb is pretty safe, considering the other options…

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Our hero also helped Lil’ Johny Bronze at releasing the Leviathan, all because the fat ol’ pervert wanted a taste of a “tuna sandwich”, if you catch my hint…

I wouls send Tau to check what things are food, not food and “maybe food”. :rofl:

BOOM! Here comes the BOOM!
How you like me now?