New Kingdom (Switch) did not appear upon weekly reset

Encountered just this morning on Switch v6.4.0 with the weekly reset. However, it was already easily resolved and I do not anticipate these peculiar circumstances repeating (at least for a long time) so I am posting this mostly just for reference that it happened.

Short version is, strange things can happen if the game is left suspended across a daily/weekly reset, and today this included the launch of an entirely new Kingdom on the map (Nexus).


  • When I am done playing Gems of War for the day I will typically just switch out to the Home screen (usually because I plan to load up a different game), and not actually close the software. So the game is left in a suspended state, possibly across a Daily (and/or Weekly) Reset.
  • If I return to the game tomorrow (after a reset), when it syncs up with the server strange things can happen – in the past, the game often crashed outright (but worked perfectly fine after restarting, so … no harm no foul?).
  • Today, after leaving the software suspended across this week’s reset, upon syncing with the server I received the usual login/news notifications and was given the quick tutorial about the new Kingdom Pass event, but the new Kingdom icon did not actually appear on the World Map.
  • If I clicked on the “New Kingdom” in-game news notification and selected “To Battle”, the map screen centered on a small mountain range immediately northeast of Karakoth, west of Forest of Thorns.
  • After carefully inspecting the map to be sure I hadn’t missed anything (I counted only the usual 34 Kingdoms) I closed and restarted the game. This time, there’s a new Kingdom icon on the map (unlocks for 4,000G) and now I am on my way.

Ability to reproduce: Unfortunately, as this seemed to resolve itself after a software restart, I can’t reproduce it (at least not until the launch of the next new Kingdom, which is over a year out on Switch).

Screenshots/video: I have captured some, but due to the “one-time” nature of this report I do not anticipate it being much help. (I’ll still add one in later as proof, once I download it from the console.)

Hey @Stratelier,

We do recommend when not playing, especially for extended periods or over resets to force close your game.
In the meantime, I have shared these examples with the team as there were some changes put in place a while ago to prevent issues with game sessions being left idle in the background.

But you mentioned the game crashing when returning.

  • Does this crash to the Nintendo home screen or just restart the game?
  • Was there any errors before this?

I haven’t seen any in a while, thankfully, but they did seem to correlate with the game being left suspended across a daily reset. It was definitely a crash to the Nintendo Switch home screen, with no in-game errors/messages before “[!] The software was closed because an error occurred” (also making it impossible to use the system’s Capture button to record what happened).